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  1. Normal ST

    Conbini - store sim in sci-fi world

    Hello everyone! Happy holidays! Long time no see, and for a reasons. Updating to newer engine version, making love with skeletal meshes, new dota update. With new engine, I had to rollback a few hacks related to 3D interface, and make a new system to work, which looks very promising. It pleasure to see, that VR made EpicGames work toward 3D interfaces, which we have plenty. The biggest new thing that I working on, was upgrade system, which allow to buy, and replace shelves, fridges, ATMs, and other interior objects in the shop. [spoiler][/spoiler] Furthermore two cash register mini-games were created, which we will show, when they will look decent. All this time, Cmb was engaged in passionate love with animation retargeting, between Blender and Unreal, and he's still in a bad shape after that. Wishing you a good Holidays! Huge thanks for your attention, and all the best to you! Normal, signing out.
  2. Normal ST

    Conbini - store sim in sci-fi world

    Hey guys! Today I'll share some in-game screenshots with you. They're all been taken from the outside of the store.   [spoiler] [/spoiler] As you can see, our store is now called 'Firefly'! I came up with this name when I looked at the store that towered over the city, when I've been working on the background, which I will show you sometime in one of the future updates! Its not a big update, so I decide to show you some additional models! [spoiler][/spoiler]   Player can decide not to buy this trashcan thou, so customers will throw trash on the floor instead, and other customers will complain about it (if player won't collect they're trash before that), and maybe even won't come to this great store again!   [spoiler][/spoiler]   We're don't know yet if player or NPC will interact with a phone in future... but I always wanted to be such possibility as stealing the handset and then it will be beeping and explode in player's hand on some distant! But I'm pretty sure Normal won't script that... Thanks. - Cmb
  3. Normal ST

    Conbini - store sim in sci-fi world

    Finally I've done working on new "goods placement" system. Old system was created for the first prototype, it was mediocre, but it serve it's purpose, we've been able to place goods on shelf, customers were buying them, for prototype, it was more then enough. Even back then, we've spotted obvious problems, for instance, you can't place different goods on the same shelf, can't effectively move goods on shelf, or place them whenever you want. Not to mention game performance, overall, it's time for old system, to be gone... In the new system, goods can be placed freely in any spot on the shelf. You can place different goods on the same shelf. Already placed goods can now be moved, without actually taking them out from the shelf. Tech info [spoiler]I was somewhat concern, about calling so many LineTraces at the same time, in old system there was almost no traces at all, in new system on the other hand, there are plenty of them, but overall, it have little impact on performance, and traces called only if player actually interacting with the shelves. I was trying to use inexpansive math calculations as often as possible, to avoid calling too many traces, and to not screw up optimization. Also, I was able to detect new threat to performance, 3dWidgets, they appeared to be not so fast as I thought, I had to change them a little bit, so they were not have huge impact on overall performance, again at the end everything went fine, but if we had to render too much heavy 3dwidgets, we would have serious problems. Currently I'm using 3dWidget to render price on pricetags. Oh, and thank Epics for InstancedStaticMesh![/spoiler] Thanks for reading, until next time! - Normal
  4. Normal ST

    Conbini - store sim in sci-fi world

    Hey Nopp, Thanks for your interest in our game. Current UI is very WIP, and was created only to check engine functionality. For now, I'm working on bug fixing, and shelve system improvements, after that, I'll be doing UI improvements. I'll post any updates here.
  5. Hello everyone! We're developing a game, it's called Conbini. We've been started not that long ago, but we've already have our first screenshots, that shows the overall feeling of the game. [spoiler][/spoiler] In our game, you are manage your own convenience store, buying goods, placing them on shelves, interacting with the customers, making decisions on the world map, where all the interactive events are, through which you can affect the world, depending on your reputation, financial situation and your current house stats value. [spoiler][/spoiler] In this fictional world, you're not only responsible for the success or failure of your own shop, but also for your house with citizens in it, which have stats for you to manage, they are not only your source of income, but also a tool, to confront the rivals, for the right to control the city. This is our first game, and we would be glad for any feedback or questions. Thanks for your attention. Please forgive us for our terrible English. conbinigame.blogspot.com twitter.com/ConbiniGame
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