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  1. Bees Won't Exist has finally been released! ? Version 1.0.0 has been released and is now available for download on PC, Mac and Linux, from both our GameJolt and IndieDB pages! In the event of our release, our lead designer, Dylan Ford, has written up a blog post for the Honeyvale Games website:     You can read the rest of the post here.
  2. Bees Won't Exist is due for release on October 25th (AEST)! We're currently looking at alternate online distribution options, such as IndieDB and IndieGameStand, in addition to our already long-serving GameJolt page.   As is generally customary in our industry, the launch of a game needs a launch trailer, right? You can watch the Bees Won't Exist launch trailer below, which features a few more details about the game!  
  3. Just checking in to let everyone know that we've just released a new version of our early release build (0.10.0). You can download it from our GameJolt! The approximate changelog for this build of the game features the following: A lot of work has gone into the second half of the game. The climax and endgame are a lot more fleshed out. We even have credits! There is a lot more story to the game now. Lore and the arc of the characters has been fleshed out more. The attacks have seen some revamping including the introduction of a windup on the first dash attack as well as attack queuing. The village now has buildings in it. Gone are the days of people standing in fields. Many of the most annoying bugs have been fixed. This promises a much more stable and consistent experience around the game's activities. The sound and environments of the game have been varied with cool new additions. Check it out and let us know what you think! We're coming up to release very soon and are very excited to have you all play the finished polished version of the game.
  4. Hey everyone, thought I'd post an update about how the game is going! We're planning to upload another version of the game sometime in the next 24 hours, which should be feature-complete! We'll still be squashing bugs in the next couple of weeks though! We got featured on GameJolt's Hot Indie Adventure Games list! We've seen a spike in views and plays, which we've attributed directly to the feature. Down in Melbourne, Australia, Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) is only a couple of weeks from being held. Each year, the game developer conference features a host of talks and special guests, and this year it coincides with PAX Australia in the same city. GCAP also holds a student showcase, and Bees Won't Exist has been accepted as one of the six student games to be showcased this year!
  5. Looks very professional and well done! How big is your team?   Can we expect a iOS version?
  6. Giant Bees have decimated humanity! It’s time to fight back. Defeat swarms of enemies, navigate lakes of honey and vanquish the queen. As you battle your way through the countryside and the dreaded hive itself, this game never, ever, gets weird… obviously… right?   Hello everybody! My team, Honeyvale Games, are gearing up for the launch of our game, Bees Won't Exist! We've just released an Early Access build in the hopes of finding and squishing any bugs still lingering, and we'd be honored if you took the time to help us out! Check out the screenshots and teaser trailer below and see if it interests you!       More Screenshots: Dash Attack - Strong Attack - Dodge   Watch the Teaser Trailer here!   Download Bees Won't Exist (for PC)!   If you'd like to test out the game on Mac or Linux, you can download those builds from our GameJolt page, here! These are largely untested though, so play at your own risk!   More about us: The members who make up Honeyvale Games are a bunch of young game developers with varying skill-sets who have banded together to work on this new project. With such a fiery passion for making games and creating genuine experiences for players, you should keep an eye out for Honeyvale in future! If you'd like to find out more or contact us, you can check out the following: Facebook - Twitter - Honeyvale Games Website
  7. Harrishun

    15 Good DAWs

    To be honest, when it comes to making music, I've just stuck to Ableton. I learned the ins-and-outs at university, so I've grown fairly attached to it, and it allows me to make music fairly quickly and intuitively. I've definitely wanted to use other DAW's, I'll probably monitor this thread so when I've got some spare time after my current project I can use some others. (:    Oh, I almost forgot, I have had a fair bit of experience with Pro Tools. I think that's another one that is useful for anyone to learn as it's industry standard.
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