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  1. kenny_pecheur

    Game Balancing Methods.

    Hello guys, thanks for your answers.     You are right, weapons is one of the aspect balancing will have an impact on, as long as ennemies, level layout, and many other things. Balancing everything is going to take a lot of time. Moreover, as level selection will be free, I need to be sure that the player will not be blocked if he can't unlock another weapons (due to lack of money or something else) but need these locked weapons to continue to play.     When it come to fighting game balancing, Rise of the Robots (on Megadrive) is clearly a bad example. The Red Robot is really really too strong compared to all other caracters.       There will not be a level progression (at least for the moment). People will have to modify their spaceship caracteristics to be able to beat stronger ennemies. But you are right, getting new gameplay mechanics can still be related to the skill of the player, as they will be implemented in later level/worlds, only reachable after beating some specific ennemies.   Thanks guys :)
  2. kenny_pecheur

    New member presentation.

    Hello,   Thanks for your welcome. I have started to read some of the topics for new members. Will try to respect this forum rules as much as possible :)   Regards,   Baptiste.
  3. kenny_pecheur

    Which hairstyle looks best?

    I personnaly like 6 and 8.   6 give a more mature look to the caracter. Maybe with maners and a british accent. Don't really know why I feel this....
  4. kenny_pecheur

    New member presentation.

    Hello All,   Just a small topic to introduce myself.   French Control / Robotics engineer during the day, video game developper when the night comes. Well, not exactly true, as my Wife and my daughter has the priority when it comes to free time.   Anyway, I am workling on a HTML 5 Wii U project since a bit more than a year. I do everything by myself, except the music which will be done by my familly. I am waiting for Nintendo news regarding their next system in order to know if I continue to developp this project on Wii U.   Anyway, I am born with video game and I see it as an art, like cinema or litterature is. I collect devkits since many years, and I hope to become a full time job developper in the coming years.   I already got very interesting informations on this forum, and I hope to be able to help people on here too !   Regards,   Baptiste.
  5. kenny_pecheur

    Game Balancing Methods.

    Thank you for your answer. This is my first post on this forum and I wasn't expecting such interesting answers.   Everyone has views about balancing, and it is interesting to get the point of view of people who are in the video game industry since a long time.       I think I will have to use my own tool ,as you do. The game I am working on isn't directly related to the three gameplay example you have used, but It has many aspect of these three gameplay type.   To be more precise, I am working on a shooter with RPG and Social relations dimensions. RPG aspect (like player level improvment, specific objects and power up use, and a big range of different enemies) has game mechanics related to tower defense or strategy games, while Social relations aspect (going into in game pubs, clubs and many other places to recruit new members) will be closer to the city builder gameplay (where ressource growth of relationships can be linked to growth of citizen).   But I will definetly have to use some home made documents, allowing to calculate "easily" the power of each specific objects, at different skill levels.     This balancing option is indeed used by many developpers. I will probably do it at a small scale with familly and friends, but it will be like fine tuning for me, as I would like people to play the game like I have imagined it (creating emotions where I want emotions, and so on....) .   P.S.: I hope that my English isn't too bad for this forum. English isn't my mother tongue so I hope that you understand what I mean :)   Thanks for your help anyway !
  6. kenny_pecheur

    Game Balancing Methods.

    Hello guys,   Thank you for your fast and very interesting answers.     I totally agree. One of the most important thing for a game is to keep the player interested in the game, especially at the beginning. This is why I choose to let the user the choice between several levels every time he finish one (the level selection menu is a grid where each level is represented as a square ; When a level is completed, the adjacent squares can be selected and played). This can allows the user to keep interest in the game by giving him different choices (I hope so haha), and this can be linked to your "1. Player skill level" point, allowing differently skilled player to find different challenges, even at the beginning of the game.     I think you hit a good point here. Even if the level selection will allows the user to be kind of free, I want to add levels which can only be completed when having specific objects unlocked. In this case, I can use this kind of Level difficulty pattern, allowing the user to access easier levels after completing harder ones. This can give the player an "almighty feeling", which is very good. Thanks for this very interesting point !     This three step method view is also pretty interested. I hope I understand what you mean : The player starts to play the game without many startegies, in order to understand the main mechanics. Then, there is the phase where he needs to improve his skills. He will have to really developp startegies and fine tuning to beat these mid-levels. And to finish, the game will add new mechanics or change current mechanics enough to force the player to find new strategies.   I like this point of view too, and I think I can use it in the game I am working on. Aside from the main level difficulty ramp up, I want to add scoring elements. I think I will use the last of these three steps in the scoring aspect of the game. The player will still be able to finish the game without any destabilization, but if he wants to masterise the game (by going into the scoring thing), he will need to break his habbits and find new strategies.   Thank you for your answer guys. It helps me a lot !
  7. kenny_pecheur

    Game Balancing Methods.

    Hello All,   I am currently working on a game project for Nintendo (as an indie developper) and I am currently working on the level difficulty balancing.   I wonder if there is any existing methodology to do it, except from playing the game for many hours.   I know that game balancing mainly depends on the game developped, and that there is not "true science" when it comes to balancing, but some of you may have already worked on this aspect of game development and may have hints or methodologies.   Thank you for your help.   Regards,   Baptiste.
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