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  1. stryfe1986

    Degree or no Degree

        I left halfway through my education because of finances and I at time had a small break into the Film Industry which became my focus then. Added some more detail on Tom's reply.       I see. You know I dont have much skill yet in design and this is due to my college experience. I initially went to a private tech school named Collins College in AZ (I am from TX) that i saw an ad for on a GameInformer, but when I got there, the presentation and department for game design was so poor and the presentation was dull and boring that it didn't feel like the college was interested in expanding or "selling" the program. Henceforth I switched majors to Film and Motion Picture in Media Arts, left halfway through due to finances and getting a small break into the film industry. However, I did learn to use some software such as Photoshop, Maya, Sound Editing, and a tad of 3DS Max, although it's been over 10 years since I last touched any of those programs. Forwarding to today, Collins College has since closed its doors, lost accreditation, and from the graduates that I stayed in touch with from the Game Design dept., they state that some employers have gone to the trouble of adding "Collins College students need not apply" on their ads and have experienced some backlash when asked about their education, to the point that one of them in particular has decided to completely omit it from his resume. I currently doing an extensive research and tutorials for the Unity Engine and its feeling really natural from what I have seen and followed through with. I do intend on sticking with it and really learn to use this engine.    which brings me to the next question? What engine is the right engine? I understand all of them are different and usually each have their own language (scripting) but when it comes to building a portfolio. Should I expand into other engines besides Unity when its appropriate? or should I just mold my skills in Unity and specialize in it? I have always envisioned taking the specialty of Level Design.         Completely understandable. I did go ahead and read some of your articles that focused on the education aspect and the "work from home" possibility. I would imagine by now some publishers would opt for this type of position. Of course, that is just wishful thinking. If I am able to justify a position in the industry with moving to their location then its definitely considerable in our situation. The problem with not being able to leave home becomes an issue when I would have to devote 4 years into a college setting where I would have to be away for an extensive amount of time, with projects, or other considerable work the courses would assign. When it comes to employment, its different because I would have a set schedule (for the most part) where i can make things accommodating at home.
  2. stryfe1986

    Degree or no Degree

      I am 30 years old. College is just a tad harder now (not impossible) just harder because we dont have any Video Game courses in our local university besides Computer Science. Secondly, I have two kiddos under 2 yrs old a wife that cant be left alone at home due to some medical issues. So If I do, It would have to be a college that offers the degree online rather than a traditional brick and mortar. Which depending on the industry, Online degrees can sometimes be considered less "attractive". I dont know know if that is still the case or if it true in the Video Game Industry.       This is an incredible resource, thank you very much I will definitely take a look at all these.        Yes, I was. I do stand corrected. I meant to type skill. I understand in the hiring process experience means if I had worked in the field.
  3. stryfe1986

    Complete Noob Trying to take a shot at game dev

      Awesome guys, thanks alot for the advice, I have been following Unitytech on twitch and just excited to see all the live training they have had. I found the forums in Unity have some really cool walk through tutorials to get a game started and completed, So I intend on doing a few of those before i go about and start my own small one. Someone advised me to start with some old school Arcade games like Pacman, Breakout, and asteroids. He said by completing those that will get a solid foundation to start experimenting and setting up my own project.   Thanks everyone!   P.S IF anyone else wants to add their advice, please do, I welcome all of it
  4. stryfe1986

    Degree or no Degree

    Hi guys,   I was just curious about this.   In order to have some success (i.e. employers to look at you) is it necessary to have a formal College Degree in the field?   Or   Is it possible to build a portfolio out of experience and apply with that only?   What has been you all's experience?   Thank you
  5. stryfe1986

    Getting more curious and curious

        This is awesome, I liked your story. You know about 10 years ago I went off to college to pursue Game Design, but switched majors to Visual FX & Motion Picture in Media Arts. Sometimes I sit here and ask myself, What If I had stayed with Game Design? So recently I decided to take up the task without a formal college course and see how far I can get into it. With the increasing amount of tutorials that I have found online I think I can at least learn to use Unity. My interest has always been in Level Design, I'm not sure I'll be able to learn it all in the same way as I would have in college. I may learn it better, I may not, I am not sure, However I do have the desire to learn, to accomplish, and if capable, start a career in the field. The moral of my story is, it doesn't matter how you start or when, it's the journey you take. So might as well make the best journey you can, while staying true to your passion.
  6. stryfe1986

    Complete Noob Trying to take a shot at game dev

      Awesome thank you. I know that I shouldn't think too much ahead when it comes to this because it got confusing and discouraging. Therefore I am attempting to take this on small steps. ClickTeam Fusion was really easy to work with and I think I may try to really understand it completely but I am not sure how in depth I can build something as appose to using Unity. So far from the Videos I have seen, Unity isn't entirely confusing. I am thinking of taking it steps by steps, for example learning to use Unity first so I can understand it, then maybe do some tutorials on Maya to get back into it or maybe some tutorials on Photoshop since I know it much more in depth, then finally do some tutorials on Scripting. Leaning towards C#.   That way maybe I can get a full understand or somewhat of understanding on all the aspects of Game Dev until I can really focus on Level Design and eventually find some people to work with or freelance.   That's the plan I have now, I am not sure If someone could advice if that is a good learning path or if they recommend something different. I did find Pluralsight and their leaning paths seemed pretty good. If anyone has used them, what are your thoughts?   Thanks again
  7. Looking to Learn!
  8. Hi guys/gals,   So at one point I went to game dev school but immediately switched major to Visual FX and Motion Picture in Media Arts.   With that being said, I dont have any experience in any programming, all I have is ideas. I have dabled with things like Photoshop, Maya (although I cant remember a thing i did with Maya as it was over 10 years ago). My first project I was looking into is something small, 2D gameplay but would like to lean on 3D Graphics. With that being said, I am currently seeing tutorial videos of Unity and as we speak viewing Editing Basics Unity live video they had.   I know there are 4 major Engines we can use such as Unity, UE, Cryengine, and Source 2. Most are free except for CE, I think you pay monthly, besides the royalties and such. So with that being said. I also purchased and own the Developer version of ClickTeamFusion 2.0. ClickTeamFusion is very simple and I intend on using it for certain easy projects I have in mind that are mostly Mobile directed. However I would like to learn a significant engine based on what I want to do and with that comes the question of which would you recommend for a total noober. I do understand that every engine for the most part have their own scripting language.   My projects overall involve 2D gameplay but with 3D graphic, is Unity, the best way to approach this project? Considering I don't know a lick of anything?   P.S: I did the tutorials for ClickTeam Fusion and its is remarkably easy as its a cookie cutter, drag and drop type of engine but it does have some pretty cool features. Although I don't know that I will be able to really bring up the vision I have for my Project using ClickTeamFusion. I also have always had an interest in doing Level Design as my primary role. If anyone would be able to also recommend what engine would be great for Level Design.   Thanks for any suggestions and input you may have.   Trapper    
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