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  1. Second you use the Unity Commandline , to execute the build: C:\program files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe -quit -batchmode -executeMethod MyEditorScript.PerformBuild I think if you include the reading of a JSON txt file in your "MyEditorScript" method you can further customize the code like: "build.info": {"platform":"Windows","scenes":"Scene1|Scene2|Scene3"} {"platform":"Mac","scenes":"Scene4|Scene5|Scene6"}
  2. Never done, but this should work: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/BuildPlayerPipeline.html For example this would allow you to create one method for each platform and pass the related scenes.
  3. zer0force

    Why A.I is impossible

    Gravitation seems to be a force between two entities or bodies, but that is a fallacy. Gravitation is the effect of the topology of the "space". Gravitation is determined by the topology of the 4-dimensional (or more dimensional) space . Masses bend the 4dimensional space around them and indirectly create the effect of gravity. Gravity is thus only an indirect side effect of the topology of 4dimensional space. The even more interesting question is, what is mass, or what is matter, because matter (or moving matter) bends the space. A partial answer to this is. matter is energy, relating to e=mc2, but that does not explain the structure of matter. Even today's subatomic particle model explains the structure of matter only insufficient (see quantum physics).
  4. zer0force

    Why A.I is impossible

    I wanted to add an interesting point. What is intelligence in relation to the brain? After my experiences (also with neural networks), it's the ability to represent the outside world in miniature form inside the brain. That sounds strange, but once you think about it, many conclusions come up. The better the brain can "image" the outside world, the better it can predict future events. And this was the evolutionary advantage of human intelligence brought forth. You could respond to a "danger" in the outside world before it took place. Of course, a brain can never accurately map the outside world, but it does not necessarily have to. It only has to map the outside world so far that reliable predictions can be made. If one determines that our brain is an image of the outside world, all we have to do now is clarify how the brain manages to produce reliable predictions from this image and how is this image created.
  5. zer0force

    Why A.I is impossible

    That's not true, you can now even recognize by experiments with animals, whether they have a self-image or not. There are animals (some species of birds, monkeys, dolphins) that recognize themselves in a mirror image and this clearly indicates that they have a sense of self-awareness. It is therefore possible to clearly identify by observation whether an animal recognizes itself in the mirror or not. Self-awareness in my opinion only marks a higher advanced intelligence. But once again an AI does not need self-awareness or a "soul".
  6. zer0force

    Cloud shadows on a terrain

    Thank you for your hint, I'll give it a try I've already tried a few, some dazzle with too much advertising, others are too slow or simply crash.
  7. zer0force

    Why A.I is impossible

    On the other hand, where is it written that an AI needs a consciousness? And that makes this point of discussion partly obsolete. The question should have been called: Can AI have a consciousness?
  8. zer0force

    Why A.I is impossible

    I think you are right in the case of human-like AI, because there is still a lack of appropriate processors, currently distributed processors are digital, but you would need analogue processors in conjunction with analog nano-memories. Not only are digital processors slowly reaching their performance limits, they are still way too slow and consume too much energy. In addition, true neural networks in my opinion are an interconnection of millions if not billions of such processors. This is an old article but still right in my opinion: https://www.wired.com/2012/08/upside/
  9. Hi there, here is a little experiment I wanted to show. I developed this controller as help for a guy from the german Unity forum. He wanted a 1st person view controller (with 3rd person character in the background ) and using the Unity CC (character controller) component as base. Its a complete different style of controller but only to show whats possible. At the end, I liked the dynamics of this controller. It was also an exercise for IK and using animations in Unity for me again. For this i changed the original 1st person controller of Unity with the "Ethan" character model. There were some problems, among other things, because this controller uses the CC as a component and if you now just puts "Ethan" the axe in his hand, then he blows the weapon when hitting through the walls. To solve this, we added a backspin to the character at a collision. Additionally i mixed a slay animation, an axe animation and IK. We had started completely without a slay animation, this was also because the movement of the axe was controlled by a self-created axe animation. Ethan's hand is held in position via IK. I just did not really like the mix of idle animation and axe animation, so I added a slay animation to Ethan. For hitting the slay animation and the axe animation is now mixed. The hand follows the axe animation and Ethan plays a suitable slay animation. This allowed us to better control the position of the axe in front of the player. I had further problems with the clipping of the body of Ethan. For this I had to slightly modify the original controller, so that the camera is always nicely in front of his face. In addition, the camera is now partly controlled by the bone of the player animation, which, like me, creates a very nice dynamic effect: Video: https://streamable.com/4xvx5
  10. Hi all, just a little demo for cloud shadows on my actual terrain. The weather system I'm using had not implemented this feature yet, so I had to do it myself. My terrain still has no grass details or trees, but that comes next. In addition I installed a little music composition from our composer Daniel Larsen. Additionally, I've incorporated a character's head (and body) tracking to the camera target. Here's the result, have fun: Video: https://streamable.com/68h6h
  11. I meant the Unity engine and therefore my above statement was correct as far as I know.
  12. As i know Unity dont uses Flash anymore. Unity removed Flash in Unity version 5. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/191112/Unity_drops_Flash_support_says_Adobe_is_not_firmly_committed.php As far as I know, it has never been used for UI. It was used for the deployment of a game for a browser platform.
  13. I would add this: The 3 laws are immutable and no new laws can be derived from them Besides, I would extend the 1st law with: A robot may not, through indirect actions, cause harm to a human being
  14. Hello everybody, today someone in the german Unity forum asks how best to pick up an item in Unity. It's about which animations have to be played and how does one accomplish that the character actually pick up the item? The following way was discussed I would play an animation that is similar to a pick up animation. If necessary, you can also just take an idle animation. In addition, I would use IK to move the left or right hand to the target and move the body (also over IK) toward the target. If you do it completely over IK, then the character bends almost completely from the hip and bends the upper body. I suppose for a better animation you should find an animation in which a character goes to his knees and then put the IK over it. I ended up using an pickup animation. This animation starts by pressing a key and creates a transition from the idle animation to the pickup animation. After that IK has been activated. The IK bends the entire body in the direction of the pickup goal and additionally the arm bone was moved to the pickup target. I've fixed a few minor errors in grip accuracy and animations. Here's the newest version: Video: https://streamable.com/m10p2 Image:
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