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  1. Seeing as this is a medieval city, I suppose the player takes on the role of a feudal lord or something similar(?). If that's the case for your game, I'd say the second option is more engaging since the player is given the direct ability to control their workers. And since they're "unassigned", you might also assign them different jobs or give them different locations to harvest resources from (if the player wants to focus primarily on farming any certain resource for a specific period of time).
  2. Yeah I'm not sure what he was doing there (maybe he had a separate video where he showed people how to model them or assumed his audience was knowledgeable enough to know by that point?). As for the UV mapping part, the separation of the body parts is actually very important for texturing the model. Long story short, if you use an imported material (like the paint on a car) and you haven't adjusted your UV Map properly, it'll either look weird or completely wrong. 
  3. ChriHK

    Creating a game like Episode Interactive?

    I'm very certain they're animating the characters with After Effects. The general idea of how is something like this: 1) Draw/Design the character in Photoshop (or in Inkscape/Illustrator and then export it to Photoshop).  2) Separate each part of the character that you would like to animate by placing them on different layers. For instance, if you wanted to animate an arm bending back and forth, you'd have to have the forearm and upper arm on separate layers.  3) Export the layers to After Effects and then parent them. I.E. The hand would be parented to the forearm and the forearm would be parented to the shoulder, etc etc.  At that point, you're pretty much ready to animate the character. However, if you're not really experienced with AE or animation in general, you'll probably have to start with a couple tutorials to get acquainted with the software. 
  4. If you only have moderate experience with Unity and C# (and not mastery I assume), I would recommend going for a 2D platformer/dungeon-crawler. Whatever you do, avoid going for something too grandiose like a real-time or turn-based strategy. Those can turn into an absolute shitstorm real fast if you don't know EXACTLY what you need from the start. 
  5. ChriHK

    3D Crafting/Survival Game Idea

    There are two things that immediately scratch me the wrong way. The weird choice of stations you have and the idea that the player won't have the ability to see what station they pick. If the player can't see what station they pick, it undermines the idea of giving them that choice to begin with. There is no good reason for implementing such a vapid and annoying restriction (even if there's context behind it), especially if they can only pick one. As for the stations. I'm guessing Ag means Agricultural, Hydro means water, Sci means Science, and Comm means Communication. If Hydro is water, I'd recommend you use water. Someone might confuse it for hydrogen or another chemical otherwise. So you have Mecha, Engineering, Agricultural, Hydro, Science, Health, Communication, and Supply. Most of these are very redundant/vague and it seems like they could cross paths way too often. What's the difference between Engineering and Science? Science encompasses pretty much any field of engineering. What kind of Engineering/Science are you referring to? Both of those words are incredibly broad meaning that you could be referring to millions of things. It would do you well to boil things down and find something far more specific. Same with Mecha and engineering. If you're thinking mechanical engineering, wouldn't mecha fall under engineering? Or is the Mecha station supposed to be a vehicle bay? What about Agricultural, Hydro, and Supply? What is "supply"? Ammunition? Chemicals? Materials? Components? Why aren't food and water considered "supplies"? Why are there separate wings for water and food? This could go on forever. Then there's communication. Unless the player can recruit other survivors or find a way to "communicate" with some kind of HQ he came from, I don't see a point for communication. If there's no one else, who are they communicating with? TL;DR - My first suggestion is that you focus on having fewer and more precise stations (each of which have items consistent with that station) that the player can choose from, rather than a bunch of vague ones. This makes it much easier to decide what kind of items should be in each station and how items should be classified in your game. Personally, I'd have four stations: Medical Wing (Medical supplies), Supply Dock (Food, Water, and Components needed to craft items), Vehicle Terminal (Vehicles and Drones) and Arsenal (Firearms and ammunition). These aren't perfect and they're pretty generic, but they're far more precise and it's fairly obvious what you'll get from any of them. You're going to want to make it clear what the player is getting if you're going to give them such an influential decision early on. My second is that you tell us what kind of mechanics you have in mind beyond that, otherwise not much else can be said. 
  6. ChriHK

    Behind the scenes - new pc horror game

    Are you sure you don't want to make a survival-based action RPG instead? It looks like that's where you're leaning. 
  7. ChriHK

    In need of a public opinion

    I'd like to know more about the game you're trying to make here...while the first picture has a lot of empty space, your modeling (if it's all yours) looks pretty solid. I'd definitely say they're game worthy. Only the first picture feels slightly weak but that's probably due to the lack of textures and a nice skybox.  These assets look like they could be used for a 3D horror game of some sort...but to use 3D assets like this for a point-and-click adventure? I have to wonder about what kind of experience you're going for here. 
  8. ChriHK

    Help with creating the UI needed

    I'm with felip, I like most of the UI here. Doesn't clash with your backgrounds and each element seems to serve a clear purpose. Only thing I find problematic is the UI boxes right above each character's head. It looks like it shows health, level, and MP (?). That's fine but the UI at the top left/top right seems to be displaying the exact same elements (only as a bar instead of a value) with the exception of the characters' levels. I'm not sure if there's a reason for that but it seems slightly redundant to have both. In addition to that, the boxes above their heads seem quite small...making them bigger (if they are necessary) or letting the player zoom would definitely help. Otherwise, this all looks pretty nice. 
  9. ChriHK

    Game environment

    Exactly what Felip said. I would heavily recommend determining (by yourself, for yourself) what kind of unique aspects or traits that your world will have. (I.E. When does it take place, what era can this world most closely be associated with, how it came to be, what kind of cultures are there and how do those cultures influence local architecture/design, etc. etc.) Start thinking about those things, brainstorm ideas, write them down, and re-iterate on those ideas as you go along. That'll do a hell of a lot more for inspiration than a couple reference images. But those are helpful too. 
  10. ChriHK

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    Quite the interesting approach for a character that's supposed to be royalty. It's interesting, you don't really see the concept of war-hardened princes or princesses (looks like that's where you're going with his design) as often as I'd like.    I would've recommended him having some sort of head-dress (like a crown), but then I remembered you said he isn't arrogant and doesn't like "excess and empty bragging". Perhaps he had a crown or a lot of other jewelry that he simply doesn't wear because of that aspect of his character. Perhaps that's the reason why he's not wearing something fancy or flashy. If that was on purpose, then kudos to the artists for representing that visually!
  11. ChriHK

    Any Ideas for a 2D Shooter?

    I would highly recommend looking at games such as Plazma Burst and TDP4 (free browser games). They're very similar to what you're describing and I believe they'd be solid references for you. But yeah no, the idea totally works, just depends on how you handle it.    You might have to look elsewhere depending on what kind of mechanics you want in your game though. 
  12. ChriHK

    Writer recruitment for project Genesis

    I'm fairly certain you'd be more than fine with just 2-3 writers, yourself included. (If I'm to assume that you're also participating in the writing).
  13. ChriHK

    What Setting Do You Think Is Best?

    I'd go with Late 1800s Eastern Europe
  14. ChriHK

    Any Ideas for puzzles in a 2D platformer?

    Depends on what kind of objects you have in your game. How about a puzzle that requires a player to jump on platforms in a certain sequence in order to unlock a path or raise/lower another platform?
  15. ChriHK

    pixel art: the egyptian soldier in the egyptian temple

    Well...I'm gonna need some context. Because I don't really know what I'm looking at here lol. 
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