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  1. Hello!   I am working on a narrative-based game called "That Little Star" and it's a murder mystery involving a 12-year-old protagonist with Asperger's. I need someone who can help me with the dialogues. Looking for someone who's good in humor writing.    You can check out some of the screenshots here.    If interested, please drop me an email at iwannawork@lucidlabs.in with the subject "TLS - Writer from Gamedev" or comment here.
  2. Hey! Thanks for pointing that out! Will keep this in mind!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. A rage meter, implemented subtly could actually work. Thanks for the feedback. Let me tell you that we have no voiceover in the game, mainly because we can't afford it. But you give a new meaning to no audio cues and I kinda like it. I also liked your idea of making the text disappears and forcing the player to remember and be a part of the conversation. But don't you think the player might feel frustrated if he is bad at remembering things? Secondly, I had this idea of shuffling responses in a conversation so it becomes hard to select desired reply under pressure. What do you think about this?
  4. Hey guys! I am working on a narrative adventure where the protagonist suffers from mild Asperger syndrome. He isn't comfortable in social groups and gets anxiety whenever he becomes part of a conversation. In order to portray the social disabilities in real life, I have come up with few ideas on how to show them in a game. So hear me out and provide me feedback on the same: Each conversation happens between Edward and one more NPC. Edward gets 3 reply options to choose from whenever he's asked something during a conversation. The replies are generally structured like: 1) Smart reply 2) Neutral/irrelevant reply 3) Silence Now whenever a conversation starts, few white clouds/web start surrounding the edges of the screen and they animate in the form of heartbeat (to convey tension). Choosing Silence is the easiest as it only requires single click. Neutral/irrelevant reply requires few more clicks and Smart reply is the hardest, requires more clicks to select. If the player keeps selecting Silence, the Smart and Neutral replies becomes harder to select and the tension rises. If the player selects Smart or Neutral, the tension begins to wear out. The whole idea is to convey that how hard it is for an Aspie to talk to someone and how silence is the best option. I am still not sure if it gets the job done. My aim is to convert the social awkwardness and nervousness faced by a socially disabled person into a gameplay/narrative mechanic. Any feedback/ideas are appreciated! If you wish to check out how the game looks like, visit out Facebook page: That Little Star.
  5. Hello! It's been a while since my last post, we were really busy working on the narrative and crafting next shots for the game. Wanted to share a new shot we've been working on. The game's coming out well, thanks to our artist!
  6. Hello! First of all, thank you for the kind words about the game and creating an account especially to provide feedback, it means a lot to us! Now, about your question, it all started after I had watched multiple movies such as Fly Away, I am Me, A Brilliant Young Mind, to name a few and I was very much interested in learning about the disability. After reading about it on the internet, I developed this idea of creating a game where the protagonist had such problems but he lived a normal life like everyone else. On top of that, involving him into a murder case would make it more interesting and convey the fact that they are not disabled people but more like specially-abled. After working on it more, I consulted with a couple of Psychologists and they were happy to refine the idea and helped me on how to present the narrative in a better way, keeping our goals in mind. If you ask me, I think there are a lot of taboos attached to the whole Autism and Asperger's thing, especially in my country and a lot of people don't even know what exactly this disorder mean. I also got the opportunity to meet a couple of Autistic children (thanks to one of the Psychologists) and to be honest, I think they were one of the smartest kids I've ever known. And that made me even more motivated to show their smart side to the world and bust few of the myths around them. I hope that answers your question. If you really like the project and can help on the topic, we'd be really happy!
  7. Sharing this week's work on the game. Spent a long time getting the lighting right!  
  8. Oh, that's just a rough sketch. The image below it is based on that sketch!
  9.   Thanks for the feedback! Though I don't understand what you mean by the middle part?
  10. Hey guys! Wanted to tell you about my 1st PC game called That Little Star. It's a narrative-driven point and click adventure. It tells the story of a 12 year old boy called Edward who becomes part of a murder and decides to investigate it while fighting his Asperger's. We have finally managed to create some art for the game and I would love to get your feedback on our art style and colors used.    
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