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  1. Hello All,    I'm looking for an artist or artists to contribute to a small project I have been working on.   Since this is my first post on this forum, I'll begin with a small intro:   About me: I am a programmer with experience in Java, Scala, OpenGL, C#, and a few other languages. I am a comp sci graduate and have a good handle on algorithms, graphics processing, and implementation in general. I have also played around on Unity for a bit. I am based in the US and currently have a full time job unrelated to game development.   About my Project: I intend for it to be a mobile game. The genre will be a puzzler which involves shortest path determination. -I can fill you in on the theme and other details if we decide to collaborate It is based on the Unity engine, and I have already programmed most of the mechanics.   What you will be doing: 2D art for the background-- I want it to look very simple and clean with simple shapes, gradients, and shading. 3D art for terrain and character -- preferably blend files with included textures and animations or other unity-compatible formats   In general, I want the art to be clean, low-poly, and and simplistic   Please drop me a post if you would be interested. Thank you!    
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