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  1. This has been a particular source of annoyance and frustration for me since I first decided I wanted to make a game myself. While I more or less have all the tools needed to make every other instance of the game (Paint.net for sprites and animations, Gamemaker Studio for the coding, FL Studio 12 for the music, so on so forth,) I'm utterly clueless as to how I'm supposed to get the sound effects I need for the game.   Now, quick research I've done in my spare time have potentially revealed a total of two options, though I'm clueless as to which one is better.   1. Go Foley.   Basically, buy an actual mic set that can do this, download some audio editing programs, and go smash some vegetables outside. While it sounds fun and all, there's a huge potential for it to be far more costly then I want it too. The mics required probably cost a few hundred just on their own, and I'm reluctant to do that.   2. Sift around for sound effects.   This one is probably a bit easier. Just look around the internet and download sound effects, splice them together, edit them, etc.   3. Take a third option!   Maybe I'm completely wrong and ALL of those two options suck!   That's, ultimately, where everyone else comes in. I need assistance.
  2. Serpent453

    The Nature of Game Budgets

      I do still live at home, thankfully. Do to my current age, and the fact that I'm still in high school, I do not pay for the expenses of the home, thankfully. With that, I do, indeed, live in the USA.   That is true, yeah. Life is expensive.   Oh my. Putting it like that, that is A LOT of money. And that's just for employment; I don't want to know how big game budgets can be if you account for advertisements.   Thankfully, with all that is said and done, I'm more or less the latter of the categories here, as I have no expenses to speak of for the most part. Hell, I was honestly kinda perplexed as to why a game would need so much money when all one really needs is a computer, an engine/program for making the game, a music program, an image creator program, etc. At least, that's all one needs for "indie" RPGs like Lisa and Undertale, both of which were made more or less by one guy.   In any case, this definitely sheds more light as to how big my "game budget" is probs going to be. The game I'm making isn't gigantic, probs no more huge than Lisa the Painful. In fact, in all honesty, the only two places where I imagined I would probably need an amount of money to spend on would be for music and for sound effects (sound effects in particular. That stuff is going to be a massive pain, I can already tell. I'm already thinking about making another topic for that somewhere too.)
  3. As an aspiring game designer myself, I've always found this one particular asset of game development to be kinda odd. Why do games require so much money to make, anyway?   For instance, my two favorite games of all time, Lisa The Painful and Undertale, were made on a budget of at least $7,000 dollars and $5,000 dollars respectively, with the Kickstarter goals exceeding both by at least twice the amount wanted. Now, this is nothing compared to just how massive Triple A games can have their budgets, with Watch_Dogs having about 68 million dollars in terms of its budget.  68 million dollars. That's a lot of money, almost half of some movie budgets nowadays!   So the main reason I made this post is to ask: why? Why are games so expensive? Why do people need up to 5K to make an indie RPG?
  4. This probably should have been my first post here, now that I think about it.   Huh....   Hello! I am $erpent453, an aspiring writer, game designer, and composer! I'm currently working on a game myself (albeit whilst tearing my hair out over it as well because coding is the worst by far,) and I'm more than happy to dip my toes into the process of game development for any others who would need assistance!   Because I'm a prolific person like that.
  5. Serpent453

    What kind of game developer are you?

    Would I even count as a game developer if I've never worked on an actual game up until right now?   My favorite game I've ever played on is most likely Age of Mythology, an RTS spin-off of the Age of Empires series on PC. Twas a fantastic game. Beautiful, fun to play, and it had hydras in it. And the soundtrack was awesome too.
  6. Serpent453

    Seeking Writer - Mud Type Game

    Hello, keninn! I saw your post a little while ago. Assuming you are still working on this and have not abandoned the project, count me interested!   I'm an aspiring writer myself, as well as an aspiring game designer and music composer. Now, while I do not have anything official to give you (books, ebooks, any actual game, etc.) I DID make a few demos for the various topics I recognized that you said you needed help with. I composed them into two docs for you.   (Note, some of the stuff I wrote down are mainly guesses as to what you are referring to in your post, so I may be hilariously wrong on all accounts. If so, ignore me.)   Location Intro, Item Description, Dialogue Creation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ndkLSxPui_dKJ7Y1Oejs34G0fIUnN2im-7ksfSB8no/edit?usp=sharing   Lore creation for a whole world, focusing on its environment, ecosystem, dominant religion, and the culture of a noteworthy city: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q2jjemVx8F02hCMcHu7V2jy0VAV7yb5cQwIRQ5BW1eA/edit?usp=sharing   If all of this is good enough, you can contact me through Skype or through Email. Here are the accounts, respectively.   Email: atschmidt00@gmail.com Skype: $erpent453/Frisk  
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