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  1. Programmer71

    Game/Level Designer and 3D Prop Modeller looking for a team

    Would you be interested into working on a small project about retrogaming ? the game is very simple, i am the programmer and the game runs under opengl, I need a 3d modeller really bad. if you are interested drop me a message at vp8671@libero.it
  2. Programmer71

    Weird lighting when translating object

    you have to transform the light pos according to view matrix
  3. Programmer71

    GLFW 3.3 Released

    Still no support for native os windows...
  4. As far as i know, this kind of shadow method is pretty obsolete, why didn't you jump into fbo shadow mapping ? Anyways, i see that normals get corrupted in some ways, and also, you should render backfaces , plus there is the problem of the camera inside the shadow volume itself
  5. Programmer71

    Dev Looking for a Team

    Hello, I have a project going on, and i badly need an helping hand, my project is based on c++ and opengl, no need to leran unity, or unreal or anything else, it is a retrogaming project with modern graphics and logic, if you want to more more , contat me at vp8671@libero.it Bye for now
  6. Programmer71

    Shadowmap Artifacts

    I'd check your light projection matrix , if you are using glm and 2 years ago things were ok, its probably something related to matrix projection, your code looks good to me, even if i hadn't the time to check it. Bias is used to reduce shadow acne , but introduces peter panning, usually it is set to 0.005 , but there are variations like tangent bias and other hack to minimize problems. One question , why in this era of unreal and unity you have chisen to develop your engine ? i am too , by the way and i'd like to hear opinion form other apparently 'irresponsible' programmers.
  7. Programmer71

    shadow mapping using directional light

    OK, thanks now its more clear, and yes I frustum cull objects against view camera
  8. Programmer71

    shadow mapping using directional light

    OK, so my question is : are objects or chunks of map usually culled against the shadow mapped frustum ? is there a 'correct' way to handle directional light shadow mapping according to the number of objects contained in its frutusm ?
  9. Hello, as far as i can understand , a directional light is considered at an infinite distance, so , basically it lights up the entire scene, not only waht the viewer is actually seeing.Since this could impact performance i was wondering if there is a best practice for rendering a scene using a directional light, is it possibile to cull objects which do not contribute to casting shadows ? how is it acutally implemented in games ? thanks
  10. Programmer71

    Form a team

    Hello i'd be interested into coding for your game, please contact me at vp8671@libero.it
  11. Hello i may be interested in the engine programmer position, i am developing an engine an relative tools, in my spare time, and i'd be interested into joining. My background is software and electronics engineering , please reply to vp8671@libero.it , since i rarely visit gamedev.net now thanks
  12. Programmer71

    How to avoid bugs

    Time ago I followed some advices about doing a resource manager, after debating a lot and seeing my rates going down, somebody, who was at rockstar level, proposed to use some code of his. At first glance it was great and solved the problem with a relatively elegant solution. I adopted the code ( i admit i copy and pasted it ) and it worked flawlessly for the most of the times. Once, suddenly strange problems appeared during the runtime phase , objects pointed to wrong meshes and everytime i reran the program i got different behaviour, turned out the the buggy code was the resource manager itself that I copy and pasted from here. So i rewrote the code by myself and i didn't experience those stange bugs anymore ( some blocks of memory weren't properly release and remained 'active' even after the program session was closed ). The moral is never copy and paste into serious programming, it is good to learn, but you and only you can solve your problems, and like someone much more experienced than me once wrote, your best debugging tool is your brain, for me it was a lesson learned.
  13. Hello i'd be interested into your game, please contact me at vp8671@libero.it so we can talk freely about your idea and by the way i meet all of your requirements.
  14. I had this problem in the past, and i ended up with a rather navie but effective algorithm, first of all, find the bounding box of your traingle, then for each dimension, compute the size of your voxel and perform a triangle-axis aligned bounding box collision test, if triangle and this box collide, then you have your voxel.
  15. For the last job i am applying i was asked to write a camera view like sketchup, and a ray tracer, after that more 3 interviews with their recruiters , and they are still leaning towards the 'no' . I think there is no human way to please an interviewer
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