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  1. Minions (PC) (Name is likely to be changed, though Minions is the core mechanic) Brief description: Standard 1v1 (until other modes are designed) M.O.B.A. concept that specializes in producing minions and Specialized minions to fight in lane. Each player will control a hero with a few abilities that either effects a target area (Skill shot) or triggers buffs and abilities for their minions. The primary difference between this MOBA and others is the focus of producing minions instead of currency to buy items and level. Standard "creeps" will spawn regularly in addition to having a jungle (town) that produces wondering minions with the rare occasion of encountering a brute or "rare" minion that produces a drop or extra XP. While leveling is a part of this game, XP is the currency to purchase new minions or unlock abilities. Items are not purchased via menu, they are obtained through camps and can only be active as 1 per player until another camp item is obtained and replaces. (SIMPLE) The win or loss trigger is applied when the player dies or the portal is destroyed. (as of now, the idea is to keep the games under 15 minutes.) short and sweet. Comparable game method titles DOTA: Look and feel Battlerite: controls / Look Hearthstone: Minion spawn, complexity and health system (much less complex than hearthstone, but the idea of having parallel tactics is interesting, even toying with the idea of some type of Deck or cards that can be unlocked to grant abilities. (Spellbook) Game scope and drawn up maps can be provided upon inquiry. In app purchase is on the table and extremely encouraged, though we will keep this within the skin and vanity realm (NO PAY to WIN) Most of the content for this project is ready and available. I need 1 to 2 UE4 users to help me knock this project out and finish up. The map is about 80% finished, Props and Characters are ready, Concept and gameplay is mapped. Character blueprint programming for both NPC and PC is required. Knowledge Requirements These two positions will be in charge of node programming pathways, AI, reactionary effects of typical MOBA features. - buffs / camp actions - minion / NPC AI - interface actions - items - minimal art experience, but open to learning - Familiar with discord / Github or Dropbox - Animation programming - flexible schedule for interaction (everyone has a job, evenings and weekends are fine) - MUST BE INTERESTED IN MOBA's AND COMPLETING A GAME START TO FINISH. Project status: - Most of the assets for this are modular as of now, Prefabs will be used. - Game map is textured and populated with assets - lanes have been created and need to be programmed for pathways and AI. - proceeds will be shared with team, though you will need to stay on board until completion or provide work orders and contract for work done if temporary contribution is requested. - Everyone needs to be open to learning about genre's of development from Character creation to making sound effects. though your position will not require you produce these assets, its important to understand the process so communication can be at max potential.
  2. Kfostergraphics

    Looking to start a team

    That works for me, what's the number
  3. Kfostergraphics

    Looking to start a team

    I have a similar project going on... but primarily have the map and props generated, though I'm looking for help with characters.. maybe we can collaborate?
  4. Kfostergraphics

    Mobile MOBA , need UE4 users

    3d/2d, sound artist looking for capable UE4 node programmers and problem solvers. Game concept is healthy but flexible for those who are interested in concept development.
  5. Hello peoples. We are currently working on a unique MOBA project are are in need of character art. We are open to various modeling styles, however we need low poly and similar style variations. I can help with rigging and texture / bitmap art, but I need someone to take on the objective of producing 4 to 5 minions, then we can start making additional variations like adding armor, color variations, etc. while using the same (in most cases) animations. Most of this will not be explained until we can get the right match. If you are interested, let me know and i can walk you through the expectations. Below are a few screenshots in UE4 of the map to show an example of the art style. (keep in mind these are early development.) Lighting will be much stronger. additional notes: I'm in need of characters that are similar to early WoW ghouls, necromancers, Undead theme... as of now, however there will be several themes to come in the future.
  6. Kfostergraphics

    Programmer Looking for Projects

    I'm interested. What kind of games you guys most interested in making? Content and play style wise.
  7. Kfostergraphics

    Programmer Looking for Projects

    Hey bud. I'm looking for someone to start making simple games with the art I do. I mainly do textures and hard surface environment things but we can add people as we go. Here's a few examples, let me know if you are interested.
  8. Kfostergraphics

    Looking for Collaborators

    Guys, I may be wasting time by responding but if you need 3d models, i can do that... looking for a side project to practice. I am pretty much only fluent in 3DS max but i can provide OBj or FBX files all day. I specialize in environment art... some character stuff. Let me know.
  9. I'm looking for someone i can collaborate with in Unity or UE4, honestly any game engine is fine. My style of art is low to mid poly range, 3rd or 3rd person top down. Dungeon / Wolrd of Warcraft-esk style. Let me know if anyone is looking for group project practice. Lets make a small, simple game to start.Follow up for contact info.Here's a few examples.
  10. I need somebody with experience in Maya or 3DS Max to help with character art and animations. Working on a top down 3D game. The closest comparison to what we're going for is Crimson Alliance.
  11. Kfostergraphics

    Game Assets

    Images of assets made for games
  12. My 3 man team is looking for an addition to help with character related tasks.    I'm currently working on a personal unity project called Tenebrific. Its based of off stealth and shifting (moving) light. The map has different variations of moving light fixtures --> (Anthropomorphic creatures) that act as evolving puzzles and mazes used to take out targets on the map and get to hidden treasures and obviously objectives.    This is a top down game as of right now. Unless complications arise, it will have a similar look and feel to Crimson Alliance, Styx (but in a TD scenario) and possibly League of Legends in a more live action, WASD controlled interface.    We currently have a great programmer, sound guy and an environmental artist. With alpha stages of the first playable area in the making, we need somebody to take over the character modeling, rigging, animations and to contribute to interaction related objects.      (Sorry for the uptight formality, I'm pretty easy going and I'm not uptight... this just saves times and gives a clear message as to what we are looking for)   Things to know ahead of time:   •This is not a paying position, this is an alpha stage project. We are simply aligning the project for a better finished product later on.    • This game has a very specific art direction and while we value and respect all variations of art, it should be known that we will have to filter out artists that do not align with our direction.   •You will be asked to provide complete animation packages with the character files you provide. Please do not apply or pursue this if that is not something you can do. (we are all learning and leniency is within reason, do not feel like you cant still be in a learning process.)   •We currently stay connected via Skype and Dropbox, please be prepared to comply with those connection methods.    •Task time frame requirements are pretty lenient. I am still in school while working full time, we all have other things and do not press hard on deadlines within reasonable expectations.     Email me or respond contact info for images and information.     
  13. Kfostergraphics

    Looking for 2D / 3D Artist

    Shoot me an email if you are still working on this. I am a Game Art and Design Student with a little unity and u4 xp. I mainly focus on backgrounds and hard surface modeling, textures and "low poly" work.   Here is my info,   BTW, as an artist i need to know if its being sold or for learning purposes.    Portfolio: Behance.net/kfoster01 Email: Kfostergraphics@gmail.com Skype: Kevin.Foster01
  14. Kfostergraphics

    looking for a progammer and a visual artist !

    Whats the synopsis? I'm looking for some experience mainly, anything to look at yet?     3D / 2D Artist_____________ Portfolio: Behance.net/kfoster01 Email: Kfostergraphics@gmail.com Skype: Kevin.Foster01
  15. Kfostergraphics

    Small team for a simple RTS

    Shoot me an email if you are still working on this. I am a Game Art and Design Student with a little unity and u4 xp. I mainly focus on backgrounds and hard surface modeling, textures and "low poly" 3D work.   Here is my info,   Portfolio: Behance.net/kfoster01 Email: Kfostergraphics@gmail.com Skype: Kevin.Foster01
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