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  1. Hello Everybody, Have you ever seen a very good animated 3d model (character, creature, animals...etc) and you dreamed to use it for your 2D game! We have good news for you! That dream comes true! One More Direction Into Your 2D Game We would like to introduce our new software we called it SpritMator ( 3D SpriteSheet Generator AND Animator. The breakthrough of the year!! SpritMator is a light, very easy software to extract the spritesheet from an animated 3D model professionally with almost no special knowledge required. You can import the results to your 2D game such as Construct 2. Since it is a 3D, you can position the view, light, shadow position, as you pleased before rendering. There are many options, for example: Flexible Capture Options: Whether you want a single screenshot, animated image sequence, or 3D rotated image sequence. All are available with different capture options: With colored Background, transparent, transparent with controlled shadow density, or even with Ghost component! Have you ever seen this before!!! Amazing Real-time Effects: Apply Effects on the 3D models on the fly to get completely new and amazing looks! Many Effects are available and you can custom your own Effects. Instant Textures Modifier: Apply, modify, and re-apply textures with single click on real-time. All models are provided with its original textures. You can modify the texture using any editor (i.e. Photoshop) and then apply the new texture instantly. Easy Objects Attachment And Animations Adjustment: With our smart IK system, you can adjust animations on real-time. Objects can be attached to any animated bone on the fly. Same animation clip can be used whether it is a single pistol, two handed gun, or any kind of objects. Huge To-Do list: What we have done is just the start! We have huge to-do list and we really need your feedback! Beta Price: It is completely FREE for now! Hurray up and register for FREE! Documentation and Support also FREE: What you are waiting for! Give it a try! Installation Steps: 1) Download the software (zipped file) 2) You have to create an account 3) Unzip the downloaded files. Find SpritMator.exe and start 4) First screen is the login page: use your registered email and password (not username) 5) Find more info at our Knowledge-Base   Demo: The following examples are 3D characters from The demo is created by Construct 2 which a well known 2D dev tool 1) Maw Demo: 2) Erika Demo:   Let me know your feedback! If you need support please let me know!
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