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  1. Hello! My name is Matt. I want to make a 3D farming/village simulator game, similar to Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series. I am looking for anyone with Unity/C# programming skills, and a 3D artist to develop the look and feel of the game. This is a hobby only game, so its not paid, but depending on the development of the project, I may try to push it onto steam. I am looking for committed team members that will enjoy working on this style of game. Experience playing these games is a plus. I want this to be a fun, productive development. I want our productivity schedule to be flexible, but I also want committed team members to crank out a fun product. Feel free to message me or reply to this post. Thanks! Matt
  2. Hey BVA, i want to work on a farming simulator/village simulator game similar to harvest moon or rune factory series. I would love to have a strong story line and characters for it. It is definitely a hobby project, but i want to make it with a potential to sell on steam (one day). If your interested in this style of game, and would enjoy working on it please message me! Quick personal bio: I have a degree in game design. I have decent programming skills using Unity, and love this style of genre. I feel like we could come up with a similar game in the genre, but fixing the issue areas that most of these games possess. Thanks! Matt
  3. MNevin12

    MMORPG Members Needed

    Just for everyone else on this thread, I also expressed interest as a Game Designer and am willing to help finish the GDD and shape the vision of the project. The more the merrier.
  4. MNevin12

    Project feeler

    Hey, I'm interested in joining your team. I am a Game Designer looking to build my resume. Please message me with any details about the project. I wouldn't mind helping build the GDD as well if you wanted help with it. Thanks!   best regards,   MNevin12
  5. Hey Kingkersharks,   I just graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design from Full Sail University. I am looking for a team to develop a 2d, top-down (angled) hack-and-slash RPG with a unique core mechanic. If your team is interested, message me directly and I'll give you a copy of the GDD so you can see the vision of the game. Thanks!   Best Regards,   MNevin12
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