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  1. n isn't global, is it? EDIT: I haven't seen Kylotan answer. Forget me
  2. I don't know very much about Unity, but I came across some difficulties with random numbers in C# too. Sometimes it generates the same numbers because you create a ton of random numbers during the same millisecond (with time-dependent random generators), or because you use the same seed over and over again, which leads to the same list of numbers. When do you invoke Start()? When you start the game or when you start the level?
  3. Thank you. I found out some useful data thanks to your tips
  4.     I made it from scratch, so I don't have any additional information about it
  5. Hi everyone. This is my first forum post on game dev (actually, this is my first forum post ever), so please inform me if I'm doing anything wrong.   I'm developing a 2d game engine of my own, but I came across this problem and I don't know how to get around it: how do I integrate a physics engine in a game engine? Let's assume that I've a physics engine capable of AABBvsAABB testing, with a public API that exposes its methods to the rest of the game engine, and let's assume that I have an instance of a scene with a collection of objects inside. Now, let's say that one of the objects of the scene is falling. In this situation, I would look for collisions every frame in order to make my object stop when it gets on a surface, right? "Right!" I say to my hand... But, in a scenario where I'm only able to do objectVSobject tests, I should test my object with every single object of its scene in order to recognize when it collides. Not only! I should test every dynamic object of the scene in this way. It sounds crazy to me.   I'm deadly sure that I'm doing something terribly wrong. Maybe my objects should be able to discriminate which tests do, and do them by theirself with an internal reference to the physics engine... I don't know.   Any suggestion would be appreciated
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