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  1. No matter what I do, I can't figure out a way to convert the mouse position to a world coordinate. SDL_GetMouseState gives the window position, but doesn't take into account the logical size. It's got me completely lost and frustrated, I just keep thinking of a way to fix it, and completely mind blanking. I need to click a place on the window, convert it into a place within the 640x480 size I've set, then convert it into a world position, but I just can't convert the position down to the 640x480 size
  2. When using SDL_setlogicalsize to have the screen be resizable, it works fine. Using SDL_GetMouseState(&x, &y); to poll the mouse position, it's based on the position of the screen, I'm using 640x480 for the base screen size to resize from. I'm wondering how to convert it down to what I need?
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