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  1. @Scouting Ninja and @dietrich thank you for replying. I really appreciate the posts. I had to go and work later that day when I made my thread so I was unable to reply any sooner. I will try out what has been mentioned here and shall let you know how I get on. Thanks for the feedback. edit: I'm using VS'15 btw.
  2. This is from the unreal tutorial battery collector c++. I'm learning unreal and am new to it so i couldn't guess why this is happening. Is it clear to anyone what i have to do to fix this?
  3. Thanks so much for your replies. They both read incredibly helpful. I will have to go over them properly later on when I'm in Unreal also. Much appreciated and thanks very much again for the reply. Most helpful.
  4. thanks for the post. some very handy tips there. Just want to mention. One issue i was having was the #include for my class was greyed out. In the tutorials example 'include' is in blue font. I don't mean the white background or anything. Would you be able to comment on this bit at all? I think u may have covered something about this but I just wanted to clarify my concern I was having.
  5. Took awhile to try this out as I was finding it tricky to just remove the class i had before, done now though. So now making it again with the correct title. 'include' is still grey unfortunately. Maybe it being grey doesn't matter, possibly just something i can change in the font colour merely. It's strange how the examples code has that other line of text in it though too. I may just try pressing on with the tutorial and find out if this include thing is stifling me down the line.
  6. Oh my, thanks very much for spotting. I shall open up the project and see if this sorts it all out. I hadn't realised I made an error with how I named the class. Well spotted and thank you again for spotting this. Shall post an update with how it turns out.
  7. I am looking to learn C++ in Unreal so have commenced the tutorial '3rd Person Battery Collector Power Up Game'. It is on the 3rd video of the series that I have come across an issue. In the screenshot I have attached labelled 'picture 1', this is the tutors class which is correct. My screenshot 'picture 2' is where I see some issues. - my #include is in a grey colour font. It should be red right? - I also do not have a #include "BatteryCollector.h" in my class also. In the tutors example this line of code is present. Can anyone help me with why I have these issues. I am using Visual Studio 2015 as well. I thought would using VS'17 help so I installed this today. I have yet to try this out with that though but then I thought. Shouldn't it work fine on VS'15 anyway, would using VS'17 make much difference at all. I am very keen to work through this tutorial today so if the forum might be able to help me I would be so so grateful. Thank you.
  8. So this was how I got the Box example working. These actually works for the other examples for Introduction to 3d programming in directx 11 also so use this for other examples to that you wish to run. Using Visual Studio 2013 1) Open the Box example. Right click on the project and click on properties. The screenshot will make this clear for you if not sure where this is. 2) At the top where it says configurations. Make sure that is set on 'All configurations'. Then click within configuration properties - VC++ Directories. You need to add some text into the exe directory, include directory and library directory. So select on each field one by one and paste inside of there, you can paste over anything that's already in there: executable directory, paste in - $(DXSDK_DIR)Utilities\bin\x86;$(ExecutablePath) include directory, paste in - $(DXSDK_DIR)Include; the location of your common folder for all these examples ;$(IncludePath) libriary directory, paste in - $(DXSDK_DIR)Lib\x86; the location of your common folder for all these examples ;$(LibraryPath) Then click 'apply' to keep all that has been entered. Click 'ok' then play the project. It should now run. In case the above fix does not work I have seen this myself where a tick box is not ticked for some reason so you should check they are ticked > In the Box example open properties for the Box project. In VC++ Directories where we were before. For each of the exe, incl and library directories click on the drop down and select edit. In this window you will see at the bottom a tick box with 'Inherit from parent or project defaults'. This should be ticked, so if the above steps aren't working check this is ticked for each of the three directories. ---------------- I created this guide from scratch as I was curious to see if a step had to be included which involves building an effects project and copy pasting files. I have seen now that many examples are working with the steps I have tried above only so maybe the effects procedure is not required (maybe its for the examples to work using VS15). In case there is an example someone comes across that isn't working with the steps used above i'll include this other procedure (Only carry out these steps if the above does not work for you): 1) If you don't have download the directx sdk june 2010. . You need to copy the effects11 folder found, on my computer it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Samples\C++\Effects11. IMPORTANT, COPY THIS AND PASTE SOMEWHERE ELSE. You do not want to change anything from it's original location. 2) So now you have the Effects11 folder copy and pasted somewhere else on your computer, location doesn't matter really can be anywhere you want to place it. Inside this folder, open the Solution for Effects11_2010. You need to run this in debug and release mode, at the end of each run a message will appear saying 'unable to start program' but this is fine. 3)Then after this has been done there will be a debug and release folder appear in the Effects11 folder. In the debug folder find the Effects11 object library file and rename it to Effects11d. In the release folder now find the Effects11 object library file, this does not need renaming. 4)Now both of these files the Effects11d that was renamed and the Effects11 just seen both need to be copied. They should then be pasted into the Common folder that the books examples come with. This common folder allows for the examples to work, that common folder. So both debug and release effect files paste them into the common folder. Last of all in the Effects11 main folder open it one more time. Open 'Inc' folder, copy 'd3dx11effect' header file. Then paste this into the common folder now. ---------------- That's pretty much it. Thank you for helping me getting this working. The community have been an invaluable help. Every person that gave me input in a thread i made a year ago that i worked at for awhile then stopped to work on other stuff. To the people that have helped me in this recent thread I made as I am now needing to use DirectX for something i'm making. Every bit of info i received got me that bit closer to making this books examples to run for me. Such a hassle they don't just run straight away but with newer operating systems and software and when the examples were actually created. It's probably understandable/expected for the examples to need tweaks. I want to give a big thank you to community members Infinisearch and Happy SDE who's help on this matter helped me get this working. They had both given massive input into making this work for me. Thanks guys but you know this already as I PM'd this to you both ;). Ok, this is a long enough post as it needs to be. Better cut this post short now. Thanks again for allowing me to learn directx from that book now, as i have the examples working. edit - I have just realised that there are downloads for Source Code Set 2 and 3. I was only testing the examples from code set 1. I totally forgot that there were more examples. Only because i've been trying so long trying to get these first lot of examples running. Hopefully the other examples work fine but the examples for code set 1 definitely all run okay. I am going to see now what these other examples are like. I am keen to see what interesting things there are to see in these other code sets. - The first example for code set 2 needs the effects11 procedure to occur before it can run fyi. I haven't tested anymore so far. The other examples are working fine (code set 2). I'm going to say that for code set 2, effects11 needs setting up. - Tested near enough every example now, code set 3 including. They all run. from code set 2 the effects11 needs setting up then the examples are able to work.
  9. So, ...... I GOT THEM WORKING!!!!!!!!!! edit - just wanted to say this. I will have to go to bed now but during the course of tomorrow i'll edit this post again and will write how I got them working so that this might help others in a similar position. I know that over the course of 2 threads (One 12 months ago and this one made recently). There have been a number of people trying to help me get this working which I am very thankful to every person that offered help with trying to get this working for me. I'd like to give two considerable mentions to community member Infinisearch who really helped me get this working. Over PM's that I started i'd like to say that from his guidance I have succeeded in getting the examples to work now. The other member Happy SDE who helped me in the past, a couple things from back then I used also which helped me get this working too. So was a culmination really. I'll make a proper write up about the fix later today. I have to go to bed now.
  10. Thanks InfiniSearch. That page gets me a bit lost though. I just get overwhelmed with what I need to do or just have no idea what is is I should be doing. As I don't think they give clear cut directions just guess work or vague directions. I'm not so confident with coding myself just yet. I'm a student also just to mention again if I hadn't done. edit- re read your post and missed the 1st sentences. Wow, i will def try with VS13 then. thank you very much for saying. I hope I can get it working then. Will know tomorrow what I fall short on if I do that is. Won't be trying today now as is late for me. edit2 - ive just been looking at that page again now that you linked about VS15 and windows 10. Which I knew of but haven't really followed for awhile as have just been trying to use stuff to get the examples working from posts by people from I think I will have to give a go the stuff it says under the downloads section as I haven't attempted some of the things there. Like doing anything with the effect files etc. I will have an interesting day tomorrow. For examples 1-6 that I have made work and am just sitting on this BOX example (example 6.1) before moving on. I have managed to get the examples working before this BOX one so I have been able to get them working without any changes to the effects files. I might be at the point now where I need to do something with the effects files.
  11. Sorry. I saw straight away when you posted (my phone i mean notified me that a post was made) but I was in a gaming sesh. Can I ask you have VS15 possibly? VS13 or VS15 doesn't make too much difference maybe right? In order to getting it to work. I'm going to PM you something also now. ps - i haven't got stuck in at the moment but tomorrow I will definitely be trying again. Not sure I'll be attempting it too much today. I aim to try a bit today but I'm not going to push myself like I have some evenings this week. It's just getting draining for myself. I will be 100% determined to try getting the BOX example working tomorrow though.
  12. I've just been able to download VS13 now. I tried another web browser (edge). i think my chrome browser is showing some odd behaviour of late so this affected my ability to download VS13 before regrettably. So this will be nice to try getting the examples working too now using VS13 as I think that book was created with VS13 also. Just thought i'd share the kind of good news. Well, hopefully this makes things better for me :).
  13. Thanks very much Infinisearch. I know you have been inputting greatly on this thread I made so for this I am incredibly grateful. I shall work through the info I have here now and from what I've read. Things should work out for me. Can I ask. Just 1 other thing, might you know how I can fix this ? As it's the only thing stopping the BOX thing working for me.
  14. Hi. Just got in from a shift. I have had a couple of private messages to which I will have to read after I write this. Thanks for your posts. Should help me greatly. I did mention stuff in my first few messages, sorry if you overlooked them but I did say. Also, the point I tried to make was that although I did have some help with this already in the past. I did not quite feel like I was equipped to have this work for all the examples. As I feel some examples can work by doing somethings. But other examples might need a little extra something being done too. As examples can be different to one another as you might expect. I was just after if anyone was kind enough to offer any assistance with me trying to get these examples working. I appreciate all the posts that this thread has received so far. I am sorry though Infinisearch if you feel like I have costed you some of your time. Apologese, I am just in such a bind with this. Just wishing these examples would work and as this topic shows. I am still having trouble getting them working. Hence me asking if anyone from would be able to offer any tips. I really do appreciate your last post. I will certainly be using it and following as much as I am able to, hopefully I can carry out every bit. It will be using VS15 as I cant download VS13 for some reason, that site is just not letting me saying something like I cant download it for some reason or another (an error message). I have sent the support team a query saying i want to download VS13 and how I can so I will see what they say too. Apparently they are only around Mon-Friday. Thanks for the post again. I shall follow what you carried out and see how it goes for me.
  15. I have to pop out right now so can't reply properly. I will write a full response in a number of hours. May be sometime as am about to work a shift then it will be almost sleep time. Thanks for the post, I will reply later when I have the time to.
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