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  1. L.C.Nohansen

    Gravity Ruler ! The new cancer

    Are you sure about this "cancer" thing ? I mean, no offense, but I'm not sure a catchphrase that makes you sound like a Hearthstone meme from 2016 is the most relevant, interesting angle for a game dev that wants to put his work out there.
  2. L.C.Nohansen

    Silver Horizon:A new shoot'em up game

    You're welcome ! I'm really glad it could be any helpful :D I think you were right to start simple, many devs also make the mistake of shooting for something way out of reach (for technical reasons or others), but it's great that you were able to finish a full-fledged product. Since you're able to do so, I thought I'd let you know what's the "next stage" in my opinion, haha. Good luck on your endeavors !
  3. L.C.Nohansen

    Silver Horizon:A new shoot'em up game

    Hello ! Thanks for putting your game out there, it's really impressive that you made such a "complete" (that is, every aspect covered, programming, design, graphics and music !) product at such a young age ! If I can give a few words of advice, it appears to me that, now you've proven you're capable of getting an operational game out, the thing that would really get your production to the next level would be to find ways to make it unique and interesting in your own, personal take. For instance, when Gradius came out, it was super interesting and fresh and new, because it was this cool game concept people weren't used to ! But that made it more difficult for other developers that, later, wanted to make sh'mups, because they had to develop their game keeping in mind : "Why would people play my game, and not Gradius instead ?" And if we think about it, that's why Touhou worked : it's basically "more intense Gradius", but with a completely revamped visual universe and signature music to go along with it. The best indie games can sometimes be traced to the same idea, but with freshness and creativity coming from every aspect : What makes Super Meat Boy different from Mario games ? Not only is the gameplay a lot more intense and challenging, the visual universe is also completely different and fun, it has really kick-ass music, and it has some unique game mechanics to it. (And then, of course, you can also have indie games that kinda do their own thing like Crypt of the Necrodancer, or Antichamber !) My point is, while it's generally a bad idea to be original JUST to be original (then, your game becomes a gimmick...), I think it's always healthy and important to challenge your game's design and ask yourself : Why would someone pick this game instead of X popular, similar game ?  I feel like that's the one thing you'd need to work on to move forward with your development - though I have no doubt great things will come from you in the following months and years :D
  4. L.C.Nohansen


    You're welcome ! I'm glad if it could help :)
  5. L.C.Nohansen

    Lonely Adventure

    Hey ! I'm glad the feedback could prove of any help, it really was intended to pinpoint what (in my opinion) could stop your game from achieving the potential you set for it, so I'm happy you heard it in a positive way :) That IS a nice cockpit ! In general, what struck me was that it wasn't in sync with the game's visual direction, so I think that as long as it's made to be coherent with the rest, you'll be good ! (But that's just my opinion, haha)
  6. L.C.Nohansen

    Lonely Adventure

    Hello ! First, your game has a cool premise, the whole "Journey through space alone with mysteries to uncover" gig sounds pretty great ! Then, there's a lot of ambitious goals you're setting for your game, which is equally great and promising ! I'll admit that I have some reserves on the visual choices, however. My problem is that there's three layers which really don't connect together for me. In the game background, you have these ultra-realistic "Space simulator" assets, with an extremely detailed Planet Earth or, in the last picture, galaxy (for instance) : that's our first layer. Then, you have this very basic and simplistic hub showcasing the different informations the player needs to know, that's kind of floating over the lower part of the screen. On its own, it's not bad, but the contrast with the scenery behind is very vivid and off-setting for me, as if you had an actual spacecraft, but with commands from a 2000s space exploration video game instead of actual ones. That's our second layer. And THEN, you have the actual interactive elements : the asteroids, the lasers you can shoot, the little explosions... To me, graphically, they're a real issue, because they're very rough and unpolished-looking, and very unrealistic in aspect, and that simply blends horribly bad with the super-realistic background and the already out of tune command board. When you have, in the same screen, Planet Earth assets that actually seem like you're looking at the real thing from space and, at the same time, asteroids and lasers that make Spore look like an AAA graphics game (and Spore came out 9 years ago)...that's not only confusing and esthetically unappealing, but generally incoherent.  In my opinion, the game would greatly benefit from trying to find a definite visual identity and sticking to it. If you can model great definition assets in a fashion similar to Space Simulator (including upgrading the visuals for the cockpit and such !), that could really help bumping your game up a notch, or otherwise, I think you'd benefit from "downgrading" everything to a simpler, more stylized style (think Kerbal Space Program or, well, even No Man's Sky, except without the giant scam !) : there can be great games from simple graphics (and very beautiful ones too), and I feel like having visuals that are more coherent will help the player focus on the experience, story and action, as well as it'll coerce them into getting immersed into the game, haha. Also, that's kind of a detail, but I think the assets you're using for explosions are very scientifically inaccurate. Explosions DO happen in space but, as a quick google search taught me, they operate in a very different way than they would on Earth. (And as a side note, you may wanna work on these asteroids INSTANTLY vanishing when they explode, that's a bit goofy if I can say so xD) Then again, I AM a google scientist, and there's probably a lot of people on this site that would be more qualified than I am to discuss this topic, lmao
  7. L.C.Nohansen


    Hello ! Thanks for putting your game out there :)   On the plus side, there seems to be a lot of interesting creative propositions in your game, in terms of world-building for instance, and there's some cool ideas visually too !   On the minus side (I'll actually make a list there for clarity !) : - From what I can see on the trailer, the character/movement animations seem...very odd and unpolished. The little guy seems like he's dragged around or glides to his destination (as opposed to moving/jumping/etc to it) because his movement cycle doesn't match his movement speed (for instance, the part where he walks on a rope), or is downright irrelevant to what he's doing (the weird jump at 0:23, which feels weird because he remains almost completely inanimate while making a leap that's like, 3 times his height). - In my opinion, there would be a lot of polishing needed for the visuals. There are areas where the textures simply don't...blend well together (the rocks and wall in 0:23 are...not compelling to look at, to say it charitably xD), and the overload of dark-blue colors seems like it'd get tiresome after a while, since the lighting in the game seems generally pretty dim as well. There's a variety of elements that look closer to stock models or basic assets than finished decor, at least for a game you want to put on Steam, where it's going to compete with very well-done, very beautiful games - and of course, nobody's asking you to compete with AAA games in terms of graphics, but I think you could definitely make improvements to this regard. - There's a text font problem in your trailer ! You use like, 3 or 4 WILDLY different text fonts that don't really go along together, while there's no reason to do so. Having a different text for the full-screen announcement words ("Explore", etc) isn't a bad idea, but having "Blue Forest", "Explore the Forest" and "May 2017" in three different fonts (especially when the last one is very underwhelming) comes out as confusing, while getting some coherence in there could help reinforcing the game identity you want to carry out with your trailer, at least in my opinion. - The sound design ! Though there wasn't much to hear in the trailer, something that caught my attention was the noise made by the coins upon being picked up - it seemed way louder than the rest (music included), which is something you may want to fix. - Also, (though this one is technically not a "plus-minus" thing but a subjective and debatable, personal opinion), the rather cute, simple and care-free graphics don't really match with the dark, synthetic, almost oppressive music for me. But it's hard to judge without having actually played the game, so this one really is a side comment !   Though there was a lot of criticism here, don't let it discourage you ! It's great that you put work into shaping this game and, as mentioned previously, it does feel like there's a lot of creativity and ideas to it, and I'm looking forward to see how they develop.
  8. L.C.Nohansen

    Mysteries of Genesis Recruiting

    Hello ! It would help to have a little more information, if I can give you a small advice :) What kind of universe/story is the MMO intended to be built around ? What are its perks gameplay-wise, what are the specifics that makes it any different from the gigabazilllions of MMOs out there ? Why would I, a random player, care enough about it to give it a try ? (The corollary to this question being : what could, in your project, make a random content creator interested enough to work with you ?) What's your current team like ? Do you have experience in making games in general and MMOs in particular ?  What kind of positions are you looking for ? What kind of positions are filled ?    Since a triple A graphics MMORPG is a very ambitious project to carry on, I feel like organizing and targeting your recruitment better may help you net better fishes :p
  9. L.C.Nohansen

    Dungeons of Asfore [Roguelike][Pixelart]

    Hello !  Your game's really good-looking in my opinion, the pixel art looks super fluid, bright and colorful ! I really love the way the characters look and the sword attack animation.  Maybe the house and mountains in the first picture feel a little sub-par for me (possibly because you're going for something a more detailed, and closer to drawn art for the mountains, which kinda feels out of context for me - I would've preferred a landscape that'd fully take advantage of the simple, colorful beauty pixel art can bring, like Risk of Rain, Stardew Valley or Kingdom - New Lands have done !) but that's a minor thing, and the game looks very promising graphics and gameplay-wise as far as I'm concerned. I'm a bit less enthusiastic about the story and game narrative. I mean, of course, it's not a plot-based game, and we're not playing stuff like Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon for the dialogue, but I believe it's possible to achieve interesting and original storytelling with rogue-likes, even if it's just through a creative world-building (Nuclear Throne and Risk of Rain are two good examples here, but Binding of Isaac has shown us that you can shove deep and complex stories into really simple games - so everything is possible, really !). - Where I'm going there is that I feel like you're not really putting much effort into the narrative and world-building, and while it isn't -necessary- in this game genre, I think it could help bring your game to the next level and make it memorable.   Hope that was helpful !  P.S. : Are you ready for the Undertale puns, with a name like that ? :P  
  10. Navman's got a fair point. The offer is interesting, but it comes across as very vague. Is it a FPS, a platformer, a RPG ? What kind of storytelling are you looking for ? Could you tell us about at least a couple gameplay concepts ?    And, as he pointed out, most importantly, will there be a financial reward from the writer ? Will it be through profit-share or as a paycheck ? Are there specifics ? As silly as that sounds, some writers do that stuff for a living, and they need that kind of info. And those that don't will appreciate knowing what's in for them :p
  11. Hi ! Game still looks really wonderful, I just thought I'd pass by and let you know that Asperger's is no longer part of the DSM (that is, the official worldwide reference for mental illnesses and development/behavior disabilities), meaning you're probably gonna want to replace it with "Autism" whenever mentioned. Have a good day !
  12. L.C.Nohansen

    Towards The Pantheon [2D Rpg]

    I'm glad you're keeping this thorough, thoughtful approach to your soundtrack ! It seems you got it all figured out for it to get to the next level, and I'll be looking forward to that ! Not much to add about it since we're agreeing, haha   I think you're doing a fine job with keeping the reveals to a middle ground ! I personally am huge on story and character development, but I agree that it's maybe the most delicate thing to tease considering not enough looks boring and too much -makes- the game less interesting to an extent. Maybe I'd be sweet to have a side character or a bit of lore connected to like, a particular place in the game or an item, event or whatnot appear every few dev log ?   Also, considering you're doing the writing on your own alongside the music and game design (if I've understood right), I assume it's still something you're in the process of filling out, so it would be understandable that you'd rather focus on the more "presentable" features at this stage of the development !   Keep up the spirit :)
  13. L.C.Nohansen

    Towards The Pantheon [2D Rpg]

    Hi !  As you've mentioned in one of your dev logs, it IS inspiring to see developers share their experience and watch as the game forms into life. Thanks for taking the time to do so ! Promotional purposes aside (and there ain't nothing wrong with that), it's really cool to read about it :)   As far as I'm concerned, the art for the game is super nice ! I love the texture on the trees, stones and various landscape elements. The characters feel right, and so does the more "detailed" stuff like their portraits and the likes.   I would have a couple words to say about the soundtrack. Please don't take it too harshly, as I'm aware to be a really, really picky listener (an annoying trait shared among some composers, I've heard) : overall, it -is- a nice, sweet soundtrack, with a variety of vibes and moods to it. It sure does its job, and I did enjoy listening to it a lot ! However, I found it to be uneven. What I mean by that is that the majority of the songs in the playlist had an identity to it. They told a story that had some uniqueness and some distinct flavor, which always adds a supplement of soul into a game. I really loved the SH-inspired ones or the retro flavor ones like Speedsters at your service, for instance ! A couple tunes like Broderskap or Battle music test, though, felt a bit lacking in this area to me. Wether it was through their melodic ideas, their instrumental textures, their rhythmical identity or whatnot, I didn't feel like they were contributing as much, maybe because they sounded a little bit more stereotypical (and so, a little bit more dull) : I felt like they could've been from "any" game. Others, like Rancor, Battle in the Sewers or City of Charcoal, were more memorable : Someone could listen to them again a couple weeks later and tell themselves "Oh, that was that game with the masked dude in a cloak and the robot girl !", if you see what I mean.   I also wondered about your thought process in terms of bringing a thematic cohesion to the soundtrack. Like how games like the Zelda Series have main theme (or a couple main themes), with elements and tidbits scattered around some tracks, hidden behind a rhythm or a countermelody ! (Hell, closer to us, Undertale does that -all over the place-, lmao). I know it's by no means necessary, but it's generally recognized to make the soundtrack feel more "organic" to have some elements, even something like a series of chords, a rhythmical figure or a particular texture resurface from times to times : I've noticed you did that with the metallic, trashy drum sound in your SH-inspired tracks (which works really well, imo), and I was curious to know if you had other likewise approaches to your OST !   Another thing I was curious about was the writing. You haven't mentioned it a lot in your dev logs, but admittedly, there was already quite a bunch to talk about ! If you're willing to share a little insight about it, I'd be interested to know your approach with plots, sub-plots, dialogues, back-stories, quests and the likes !
  14. L.C.Nohansen

    Happy Trash Season (RPG) (UPDATE: New TRAILER)

    That's great ! I'll be looking for it, I'm really glad I could provide some assistance :)
  15. You're welcome ! I'm glad if sharing my perspective was of any help.   I think going out of your way to put any kind of disability or disorder in the spotlight is a great thing to do. Autistic people (like other neurodivergent people) do experience love, drama, action and any hardship or adventure you'd enjoy seeing in a game or movie...with the additional parameter of having to struggling with difference, incomprehension and hatred related to their disability : there however is no reason they wouldn't make great characters !   Conveying the fact that your main character achieves to live "normally" without washing away the specificities related to, well, being an Aspie, and enforcing the fact that a difference isn't the same as a problem is a very wonderful goal to set for your game in my opinion :) (granted i understood you right !)   I'm very happy and impressed to see you took the time to not only look it up, but go to psychologists and (most importantly) take the opportunity to spend time with actual Autistic persons. That's like...the ONE thing someone looking to include disabilities in a story should do, that is, make it a priority to listen to the people that actually live with it. The vast majority of content creators don't bother to do half as much, which is why most existing medias featuring disabilities are a complete disaster. To be honest, I'd be glad to give you a hand, as I do have some understanding of the matter, but the best way to go would still be to look for blogs and articles written by actual Autistic persons and advocates : I'm only ever sharing what I learned from them, as, considering I'm a 100% neurotypical (that is, the opposite of neurodivergent !) person, I wouldn't be qualified to speak in their behalf. However, if I can answer questions you may have with the knowledge at my disposal, I'd be happy to do so and discuss the matter with you, as well as linking you to good, reliable sources !   (I assume you were only asking me if I wanted to help about that ? I do have skills as a music composer and writer, but considering we folks jump on projects like pigs in sh**, I assume you got that covered already at this stage of the game's development lmao)
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