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  1. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

    Oh, I didn't think of this, thanks! Appreciate the help
  2. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

      Uh, that's a real shame, the book seems pretty good, and i can't find the 2010 version.   But oh well.
  3. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

          Thank you both, a lot, i really appreciate the help   Alberth, about the code review, do threads in Gamedev get deleted? If they do, where should i post the code review? Because if they don't i think it'd be a good idea to post it right here as i progress.   Anri, is this one the book you have?   http://kvspgtcs.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Python-Programming-for-the-Absolute-Beginner.pdf   I'm sorry about not buying it, i'm not from USA, so my dollar situation it's not really great, but i'm gonna read it from there anyways (if it's the one you're talking about).
  4. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

      Oh, that seems pretty perfect. However, does it cover Python 2 or Python 3? I'm learning Python 3 and i feel like it would not be a good idea to mix it up
  5. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

      Alright, i'll have it in mind if i get any problems or anything :)   Hey!   Yes, i was actually playing around with the idea of a text based game, the thing is i don't really know how to proceed with it, should i just write a program based on if/else statements? Or do you know an easier way?   Thanks, for the reply!
  6. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

    Thanks a lot man, I appreciate the time you took on replying, I'm gonna check out the link you posted Now, here's a weird proposal. It occurred to me, maybe you could give me your email? I think everything would be easier if I could actually contact you when I have some doubt or something, obviously I would not annoy you daily, I just think I could use the help. You can say no, though, the reply you gave is more than enough. Thank you again
  7. gabrieljim

    What to do now?

    Hey, everyone, I just joined the community So, I'm in the process of learning python, I got the basics and a little more, I started learning this language because I got interested in programming, but recently the game development part of it got me interested as well, however, I'm not sure where to go from here. Should I keep going with Python? If I had to, I'm not sure where to go from where I am, I started learning Javascript a while ago before finding out about the game development world, I've read I should learn C (or C#/C++ I don't even know). The point is I'd really appreciate some guidance here, thanks a lot in advance (English is not my native language, sorry if there's any errors)
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