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  1. x_Knightmare_x

    Seeking Project Manager

    Hi Andrew. We have had a few replies from people but are still looking at our options. Please send an email to the address in the main post above and let us know a bit about yourself. :)
  2. x_Knightmare_x

    Seeking Project Manager

    We are an indie team numbering about a dozen people working on our new RTS game. We are seeking a Project Manager with experience in Jira and Agile methodologies. It will be this person's responsibility to keep a proper work flow going, set/close sprints, track and organize Jira, assign and track tickets, schedule and conduct team meetings, etc. Our team is full of great people and we like to have some fun while we go about building our game but we need somebody to keep things organized and on task. If you have some other talents, great! We could use those too.   You can reply here, PM me or email: fcefalu at animusinteractive dot com
  3. x_Knightmare_x

    Unity Programmer Looking to Join a Team

    Yeah, think I hijacked who you meant to be sending that to. My bad lol :)
  4. x_Knightmare_x

    Unity Programmer Looking to Join a Team

    Did you send me a PM here or the OP? My inbox is empty, don't see any message there from you.
  5. x_Knightmare_x

    Unity Programmer Looking to Join a Team

    Hi there, we are looking to add to our growing team. We are an indie studio that is currently about a dozen people strong and could use somebody to help out our other programmer (who is extremely knowledgeable) in building our new RTS game. We have already put out a free RTS game to Steam and are looking to salvage from that code base to build this new game. We try our best to be professional and we communicate very often. 50+ page detailed Game Design Doc already in place. We all have our own day jobs as well so we work on the game as our free time allows. We are hoping people can give us at least 5-10 hours a week (or more if they wanted). Game is being built in Unity. Rev share based.   If interested feel free to PM me or whatever and we can talk further about things.
  6. x_Knightmare_x

    Seeking to fill team member slots for new RTS

    We do have somebody for sound already, but I encourage you to send an email with some samples if you don't mind potentially teaming up with another composer.
  7. [Rev-Share] [Looking to fill out team] A New Fantasy RTS Project Greeting everybody, we are now recruiting for an entire team for our newest fantasy RTS project. We are looking for multiple members to handle tasks across the board. This is a volunteer based project, with equity shares. We are ready with paperwork to get you on board with a share you find agreeable. We are a team with experience in publishing titles already, and we are looking to begin a new project. The project in question will be leveraging a framework already 2 years built for a game already launched. That being said this project will further expand upon that technology we've invested in, and we will be creating new artwork for this title as well as new game-play aspects.   Expectations If you do join, you will be expected to take this on as a side project. You must commit an estimated amount of hours per week. This thing only gets done by mutually agreed commitment. We have project managers and game designers already in place. We have a technology workflow in place, as well as a well defined game design document (50+ pages). We have team members with experience in high capacity networking and big data, doing work for organizations such as MLG and NASA.   How Long Will It Take? We estimate the project to take at least a year. As we said, much of the technology is already in place. We need a wide spectrum of team members and they encompass multiple skill capacities. We are looking for the following. We also have positions for leadership available as well. If you are looking to get extra credentials, or want to throw your hat in the ring and try to make something come alive, with a team that has done it already, then this is it. It is the easiest way for accreditation. Also if the game becomes successful, the percentage of profits agreed upon prior will be disbursed to you, as well as possible full time status at the end.   Art Team: Art Director Character Concept Artist Building Concept Artist Environment Concept Artist Texture Artist Character Modeler Rigger Building Modeler Environment Designer UI Engineer VFX Artist   Programming Team (Unity, C++): Director Of Game Development UI Developer AI Developer Game Side Networking Physics Engineer Sound Engineer Lighting Engineer   What Do We Cover? We cover all licensing fees, trademark costs, insurance coverage, server upkeep, repository upkeep, pm software and project managers, premium advertising materials, video advertisements, and possibly game conference visits such as PAX East.   How Do I Apply? email: fcefalu at animusinteractive dot com Include in the subject which role you are applying to. Also any information to support you are qualified to do such work. Portfolio would be preferred, as well as a Resume desired.
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