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  1. So something like this: for(i = 0; i < SPHERE_NUMTRIANGLES; i++){ object = CreateObject(screen,&sphere_model[i],SPHERE_NUMTRIANGLES); //save each object into the list list_addfirst(list,object); and now I just need to iterate through it and draw it?
  2. Ah I see it just runs it three times it doesn't actually go through the list.   So I guess there is something that I have to do within the iterator function then?
  3. I think I am getting close, however I have some trouble connecting it all, my plan was to: 1. Create the list. 2. add the balls to the list. 3. Run the animation once everytime the list iterates.   The code looks something like this:  list_t *list=list_create();  list_iterator_t *iter;  list_addfirst(list,ball); list_addfirst(list,ball); list_addfirst(list,ball); list_size(list); iter=list_createiterator(list); for(i=0;i<=3;i++){ list_next(iter); BouncingBalls(screen); }   Where the bouncing ball function is the animation, and the ball variable is the physics of and properties of the ball. This almost works except it only spawns a ball when I attempt to close the window of the compiler.
  4. The actual functions are given by the assignment and I need to use them, I have simply input the code into each of the functions, so I need to use the iterator unfortunately.   But yeah I think I get it, thanks for the tips.
  5. So i got this assignment which I feel i've made some progress on but I am currently stuck and hoping some kind soul could help me get unstuck.   http://imgur.com/a/XQ1vx is a picture of the assignment.   The part which I am struggling on is connecting the actual list and the bouncing ball animation and a part of the list I am pretty sure is not working correctly but not sure whats wrong.   Code is here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/07151a2542db16a0fe9bc453351387d6   Any pointers would be appreciated!
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