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  1. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    Okey, didn't know that was necessarry.
  2. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    I have everything prepared, believe me, UE4(blueprints+C++) project and Visual studio. But I don't want to start making a map and objects until I have this system running stable. Only after that I will be adding meshes, textures etc. I think this will be better for me. One of my projects ended like this, I had a well-made map with textures and meshes, but when I started making the whole mechanica of the game a realized that it was too complicated so all my effort went to trash can:(
  3. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    I know that it takes long, therefore I don't want anything huge. To truly understand me, please watch some of gameplay of this game: Ben the exorcist. You'll quickly understand what I want. I think it is not too hard or complicted, I agree it will take a lot of time, but it is possible, I'm not trying to make an openworld mmoprg and so on, just a little game. P.S. But really, if you have the time, watch a short video from this game, you'll understand what item-collecting quest system I want to make:)
  4. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    What did you mean by saying persons who can? And how would that help me?
  5. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    @the incredible smoker @Alberth I'm afraid you don't understand me, I'm sorry if I can't explain it well enough. Basically my game will consist of: 1) graphics(meshes,map,animations etc) 2)very simple quest system, where player needs to find certain items, collect them, and then deliver them, nothing too special or complicated. I'm having problems with the 2nd task, because as I said I don't know blueprints/coding sphere well enough to make it by myself. So I'm looking for help in this kind of forums, maybe some tutorials, guides on my topic, maybe something similar to what I want is already existing, I don't know. Thanks, Martin
  6. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    @VietKhangLH @Alberth I don't want to sound arrogant, but my goal is not to study the coding/blueprint sphere and then try to make it. Basically what I want is to find something similar to what I need, analyze it, and then create my own or just change that. Because I don't want to focus too much on learning the whole sphere. I just want to have this system created and then forget about it, focus more on game design, graphics and so on, because I'm better at that. Thanks for understanding, Martin
  7. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    I googled like "OOP UE4" and couldn't understand what that was, sorry for dumb questions Thanks! So I'll do my best Thanks for taking your time to reply, I'll consider it all
  8. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    What exactly is OOP? Thanks for suggesting C++, but if my main goal is to make this basic quest system and nothing else, wouldn't blueprints be less time consuming and easier to start with? Because you know, I don't want to make something very complicated, just one thing, that's all, so I don't want to go too deep into coding or smth. Cheers, Martin
  9. Martin1999

    Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    First of all thanks for a quick reply! Another question. What will be more complicated: learning blueprints from scratch and then using them or trying to make this quest system with C++(I have basic knowledge, nothing too special, don't know any pointers, vectors or so on). And also what should I search if I want to find tutorials on my topic? Collecting items quest? Collectibles? Skyrim-like quests? Cheers, Martin
  10. Hello, I am a novice game developer. Currently working on a small game project made by myself. I can deal with graphics, but with coding and blueprints I have some problems. All that I need is to make a simple quest system, nothing too complex. I will try to explain what do I want to make and if someone knows any tutorials, forum threads, tips, pieces of advice I would be very grateful.P.S. I am making a FP game, not a shooter.So basically: 1) Player walks to an NPC or other thing like taskboard.2) Finds an available quest, takes it.3) The mission is to find 3 objects: A, B, C.( A HUD displaying these objects for player)4) Player found object A. This object disappears from the HUD.5) Player found all the remaining objects, delivers the, to a certain point, the quest is completed.6) After completion, another quest is unlocked and can be activated.A good example of what I want is the newly made game Ben The Exorcist, where player needs to find some items in the house and then place them to finish the exorcism process. I know that I am maybe asking for too much, but I don't even know where to start or how to start. As I said I can easily make a nice looking map, objects, entities, somehow animate it and so on, but I really need a lot of help in the "coding/blueprint sphere". Cheers,Martin
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