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  1. SweenyNickat

    Game Audio Industry Study

    Hi folks, there's only 5 days left to participate in the Game Audio Industry Study! So if you want to do something good, now that Christmas Time has begun, why not filling out this survey? ;) https://www.soscisurvey.de/gameaudioindustrystudy/ Thank you very much for your contribution! Yannick
  2. SweenyNickat

    Game Audio Industry Study

    Thanks to everyone who has already participated in the survey! You are great! Everyone else, it is still time to participate, so please take a couple of minutes and support this study and the game audio industry. https://www.soscisurvey.de/gameaudioindustrystudy/ Thank you very much! Yannick
  3. SweenyNickat

    Game Audio Industry Study

    Thank you very much for your feedback, Brian! I will definitely take it into account, you are absolutely right, that could be confusing indeed.
  4. SweenyNickat

    Game Audio Industry Study

    Hi Brian, thank you for your message, nice to meet you here! I have read your study extensively and I will compare your findings with the findings from my survey in order to get an overview of the industry as reflected and reliable as possible. Thank you for your suggestion about the currencies! I deliberately did not specify the currency in order to avoid possible miscalculations into a foreign currency. My plan is to convert the responses into one currency by using the exchange rate of the middle of the data collection period.   I would also be very happy to discuss our findings, looking forward to talk with you!   Best, Yannick
  5. SweenyNickat

    Game Audio Industry Study

    Dear game audio folks,   I am Yannick, a German game composer (The Guild 3, Europa Universalis IV - Cossacks). I am happy to join this community here! :) At the moment, I am conducting a study about the game audio industry - the goal is to get reliable insights about the labour market and the business and working practices. So probably might be of interest for most of us here working in game audio.   I want to invite you to participate in this study - your support is of great importance, because the quality of this study depends heavily on the number of participants. This is a serious research project within the context of my master's thesis at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, so there is no commercial background or personal gain behind it. Everyone who takes this survey can request a summary of the findings.   You find the survey here: https://www.soscisurvey.de/gameaudioindustrystudy/   Please take a couple of minutes and support your industry. The survey is available until 5th of December 2016.   Thank you very much for your contribution.   Best, Yannick
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