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  1. efigenio

    [C++] ArrayView-class

    I didn't know arraview were just pointer, sorry my bad.
  2. efigenio

    [C++] ArrayView-class

    DrawItem* Compile(ArrayView<const StateGroup> groups) { for(const auto& group : groups) { } } better DrawItem* Compile(const ArrayView<const StateGroup> &groups) { for(const auto& group : groups) { } } you do not want to copy an array everytime you pass it , not referencing copies the array
  3. efigenio

    Compile time "polymorphism"

    So you have just discovered what we had been taught in our first year at college ? 
  4. efigenio

    Top 5 Most Expensive Game Localization Mistakes

    Great article we are about to localize our first game and this article gave us great advices!
  5. Great entry , like always, but could you point out why this structure should be used in place of an hash ?
  6. efigenio

    C++ 17 Transformation...

    Thanks for your inisghts! keep up the good work!
  7. efigenio

    Shadows and light on Kepler 22

    Nice reading ! i'd like to know whay you decided to go for a proprietary engine when there are solutions such as cryengine , unreal or the venerable unity
  8. efigenio

    Pupping - a method for serializing data

    Thanks a lot for your insights, it has been very usefull for developing my projects!!!
  9. Greate explanation it cleared me a lot of concepts about compilers
  10. efigenio

    Different lights and crops

    Very good keep up the good work , i have played terraria too and it is awesome!
  11. efigenio

    Why Make This Game? Part 1

    Great idea !!! keep up the good work!!!!!!
  12. efigenio

    Leaking, My Dear?

    Great entry for a dev blog
  13. Yes, great article indeed , one of the best reading  i have had in months!
  14. efigenio

    KREEP, designing an update.

    Incredibly well done !!!! keep up the good work!!
  15. efigenio

    Planet Rendering

    Awesome, i really like it , any chance we can get aglimpse of the code ?
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