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  1. Queen Skadi

    Best way to learn to create Sprite art and tilesheets?

    Wow that is a lot to take in, thanks for the pointers you have been a big help.
  2. Queen Skadi

    Best way to learn to create Sprite art and tilesheets?

      And I would feel more comfortable if I did not but fine I see where you are coming from so here s a pixel art version of Nito from Dark Souls       Ok ok that is not mine but my stuff really isn't that good which is why I am asking for advice, currently just playing around in paint just trying to find something that works.   [attachment=34494:examplez.png]   Not trying to do anything incredibly complex just trying to create some basic sprites and assets for a top down RPG.
  3. Queen Skadi

    Best way to learn to create Sprite art and tilesheets?

    Well I am more specifically talking about the number of colours used, for instance I know that most 16 bit sprites use 15 colours (plus one extra for the transparency layer) however do these rules also apply to tilesets and tilesheets as well? I also know that when it comes to shading they generally only use 3 shades of a colour to achieve the effect however I was wondering if there were any traditional SNES colour palettes that sprite artists usually work from? When it comes to selecting colours I always get lost in the big colour wheel and find myself wondering if the colour I have chosen would be one that accurately represents something that would be found in a retro style game? I also find myself wondering if I am using too many colours or not enough colours to achieve the effect and find myself wondering how much darker or lighter I should make intermediate colours when it comes to shading.   If I could narrow down a smaller more selective colour palette that gives me a more grounded base from where to start but has a nice enough range to give me options then it would be a start
  4. Queen Skadi

    Best way to learn to create Sprite art and tilesheets?

    Also anything specifically on tilesets and creating nice terrain tiles? I mean I can study different tilesets from different games however I am finding it hard to create something that doesn't look like it was ripped straight from another game.
  5. Queen Skadi

    Best way to learn to create Sprite art and tilesheets?

    Thanks, all good bits of advice   One thing I am having a lot of trouble with is colour palettes and shading, specifically which colours to use and how many colours to use for shading effects and in general?
  6. Just wondering if there are some good resources out there for learning the finer points of sprite art and creating decent looking tilesets and ground textures? Mostly going for a classic SNES style RPG look (thinking more Secret of Mana 2).   Also what software would you recommend for creating such assets? Preferably free software as I don't have a lot of money.
  7. Queen Skadi

    Best place to start learning 2D game development?

    I get you, gotta learn to walk before you can run, I was wondering what platforms are best to learn on and will eventually allow me to create the type of game I have in mind? libGDX a good place to start or are there other platforms that one should learn first? How is unity for 2D game development? I heard they recently released some tools dedicated to making 2D development easier on the platform (even though it was already possible to create 2D games on the platform if you truly wanted to) however I feel for what I want to do unity might be a tad overkill.
  8. Hi, I am new to these forums as was wondering if I could get some help or pointers in the right direction? I am an aspiring game developer looking to learn 2D game development and was wondering what the best platform to start learning is? The project I eventually have in mind and want to work towards being able to create is a sort of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley style farming sim with light RPG elements, not going to go too complex with graphics, going to be a simple 16bit 2D sprite based artstyle, was wondering what the most suitable platform for this type of project (or learning to eventually be able to create this type of project) would be?   My current level of skill and ability, I know the basics of Java and Javascript (mostly Java) but am relatively unfamiliar with other programming languages, I know enough about photoshop to be able to create basic 2D art assets for games.   Currently I am trying to wrap my head around libGDX however I am finding that a lot of the tutorials and guides online are woefully outdated, most of the stuff taught turns out to be wrong and while I can find the answer to my current problem most of the time by searching online my code and the way I set up projects is completely different to what is explained in the tutorial making them incredibly difficult to follow along with. I have considered buying books on the subject however reading reviews it seems even they are outdated making me wonder if I would just be wasting my time and money following along with them?   If anyone has any suggestions or can point me towards some good platforms or tutorials or give me a good idea where to get started it would be greatly appreciated.
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