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  1. ZaoBao

    Interesting monetization scheme

      yes, you are right, but why to be a bank? why not just to work with a bank like people anyway come to office bring their money to deposit and here they just sit at the computer, and make this deposit through your game but directly to the partner-bank they do not get interest but they get some virtual bonuses in exchange technically and legally it is just a deposit - the bank operates it what if a real bank plays with you in one team?     not more risky than us or eu if you KNOW what you are doing and have a trustable partner in there state-banks investments are very stable and they are.. mm.. inertial i mean you may see if something is going to happen with ALL the economy in advance of course there are exceptions like 2008 or 2015, but risk is not so high if you work with state banks
  2. ZaoBao

    Interesting monetization scheme

    as for me the second part does not contradict but just explain and specify but ok this is a worthless word-play          dont be this conservative :) do you use banks? everybody does. even large companies with huge money take the risk so you argue against all our finance system (which i agree is actually not so good)          eu is not the best place to invest now, especially uk with its brexit  china, india, russia, brazil much higher interests even with the most conservative government bonds         where?       yes, that may happen.. and it would be a funny time for everybody       but this monetization scheme seems to suit much more a publisher or specialized monetizator company rather than a single gamestudio  the more so since - yes, i agree that investments are for professionals - not for game developers       i mean if a user put his 100$ to a bank for a year and receives some interest, say 5$ (it is still possible, not in eu and maybe not in us, but anyway) than this 5% is his "shaded" fee to the developer, his short-received income  from "microtransactions" i meant only the "micro" part :) like in the example with 5$ the user pays about 1$ each 2 months         this does not seem to be the case the situation resembles banking rather then selling i doubt bank pays his tax from the overall deposit income is the tax-base anyway   by the way, bank may even be a direct monetizer, a bank and a large game publisher or a bank and the Steam may play as one   and yes, thanks for everybody!
  3. ZaoBao

    Interesting monetization scheme

      ye.. that sounds very impressive, but please read more carefully before making an impression section 2, second item "• Manufacturer may use the invested money at his own discretion, e.g. deposit to a bank, or buy obligations, or invest to development, but he has to return all the money upon the end of the agreement"       I can't agree with that, by no means Software is just as good as before after the usage, car - not but yes, piracy is a hard issue.. I understand what you mean by deprecation here   ok, forget about software, i see it is a difficult topic but what about all that online stuff like weapon or armor or racinig car in online games they may be used and returned (absolutelly under control - no piracy) in the same condition :)
  4. ZaoBao

    Interesting monetization scheme

      no, the seller would have a fixed term contract, say for 3 or 6 or 12 months     yes! you will have to shake them out - up to the very last smile     Josh, thanks for the detailed answer     but what if we have just a lot of buyers - they just keep a constant balance level by random payments that constant level (of course, descreased a bit - just to be sure we can always pay to anyone) is the money we can invest lot of clients means high constant level which may be tens million even short-term conservative investments may be attractive with such sums what do you think?     yes, agree but i'm not sure this is a really big problem or at least there should be companies that could live with it     publisher may pay advance money as it happens with books?   don't you think it can turn more players into payers? :) e.g. I save money for summer holidays and use them to improve my character in some online game   best of both worlds :)     exactly! with the hope that they appreciate it and multiply greatly   not sure.. in poor countries with relatively good education they may pirate because the  soft is too expensive   this actually is another form of F2P as I see and microtransactions are just shaded - they hide in short-received interest from the money a player deposits to the game this sheme also seems to help hooking as well ..    but it's ok - buyer had been keeping his money during the contract on your account - the article says it is enough    yes, you're right, but look, companies like paypal, visa, mastercard are still alive people trust them it seems this sheme is for a specialized monetization company - not for any small gamestudio       well, I thought about large online games when I read this article not small gamestudios something like that - large online game tries to sell different ingame stuff for real money a lot of people feel like idiots to pay real money for virtual stuff but this scheme may seem more fair for them so you keep your whales  you keep you sales and other schemes but you add one more scheme for the army of those who don't pay
  5. http://arxiv.org/abs/1611.01471 not only games, but games seem to be one of the most suitable areas what would you say?
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