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  1. cheryljohannes

    Keep working in C or switch to HTML5?

    My favorited games html 5 is paper.io
  2. cheryljohannes

    2D bone animation - point gun at mouse

    Show your code
  3. cheryljohannes

    Use raycast as a trigger

    2nd alternative is good, uses less resources and directly solves the audio rolloff problem, but if you prefer triggers (they're easier to handle in the Editor), do the following: 1- create a trigger volume (a box or sphere collider); 2- add an AudioSource to it, and set the AudioSource Pan field to 0 in order to have a constant sound even if the player walks away; 3- add the script below to the trigger; 4- drag the trigger to the Project window to make it a prefab. private var inTrigger = false; // becomes true when the player is inside function OnTriggerEnter(other: Collider){ // check if it's the player (remember to tag it "Player"): if (other.tag == "Player") inTrigger = true; } function OnTriggerExit(other: Collider){ if (other.tag == "Player") inTrigger = false; } function Update(){ if (inTrigger && Input.GetKeyDown("e") && !audio.isPlaying){ audio.Play(); } } When you want to add voice to some object, just drag the trigger prefab to it, then adjust the trigger's rotation/position/dimensions and drag the desired sound to its AudioSource Clip field.
  4. cheryljohannes

    Which engine to pick?

    I've been searching for this solution in Godot Forum with no luck! I am able to play .ogv (Ogg Theora Video) file with VideoPlayer in godot internal editor, but unable to display it in the browser after importing project to html5 format.
  5. cheryljohannes

    Which engine to pick?

      Both Unity, Unreal 4 and I believe CryEngine are free to develop and release a game with until you make a certain amount of income then you have to start paying royalties. In the case for Unity: "As long as you have an annual revenue capacity or funds raised capacity of less than $100k per fiscal year" - from the Unity Download page.         See the above, they are engines         These game engines can deploy to Android and iOS platforms, in this case, I'm not sure if you will need to use PhoneGap.   For Unreal 4 supported platforms see this link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/ For Unity supported platforms: https://unity3d.com/unity/multiplatform         Again like mobile these engines will create an application for Windows and Linux, see the fill list of supported platforms on their sites. I link those above.         Should be fine working with these engines.         All these game engines support these.   It sounds like you wrote your game using JS with HTML 5? If this case using these engines you might need to uses other languages, as Unreal mostly uses C++ and/or Blueprints. Whereas Unity mostly uses C# but does support JavaScript (also called Unity Script). I hope that helps. I'm using JS and HTML5 for its noblest purpose: games, of course!   My immediate thought was to clone the audio elements, so I created the following tiny javascript library to do that for me (depends on jquery): var Snd = { init: function() { $("audio").each(function() { var src = this.getAttribute('src'); if (src.substring(0, 4) !== "snd/") { return; } // Cut out the basename (strip directory and extension) var name = src.substring(4, src.length - 4); // Create the helper function, which clones the audio object and plays it var Constructor = function() {}; Constructor.prototype = this; Snd[name] = function() { var clone = new Constructor(); clone.play(); // Return the cloned element, so the caller can interrupt the sound effect return clone; }; }); } }; Thanks for your support
  6. Hi All,   After making my first HTML5 game "Splix" - http://prtksxna.github.io/splix - I got a pretty good understanding of how games are made. I did not use any engine for this and the code base is pretty small. I want to make more games and I think it might make sense to use an engine for future games. I do have some limitations and requirements that I'll list below-   Needs to be free or have a free trial (unlike ImpactJS) I want an engine and not a Game Maker like Construct Should be able to deploy to mobile using PhoneGap Should be able to deploy to desktop using Node Webkit Should be in active development (it becomes really hard otherwise) Should have basic sprite/layer/screen/collision support I know the list is too specific, but is there an engine that satisfies all this and I can use?
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