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  1. Hello from Los Angeles, California! I'm looking for indie developers in need of a composer. Check my sound cloud samples! If you need anything let me know. I'd love to hear feedback from any of my fellow composers out there too. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/stevenharriton/sets/orchestra https://soundcloud.com/stevenharriton/sets/electronic https://soundcloud.com/stevenharriton/sets/indie-rock The last game I worked on was in 1999: Civilization 3: Call To Power Most recent Credits: ABC: Toy Box (Coming out in first quarter 2017) American Idol Dancing With The Stars So You Think You Can Dance V Arrow MTV Cribs MTV Teen Cribs MTV True Life MTV Catfish The TV Show MTV When I Was 17 MTV Made MTV Moving In MTV Tamra's OC Wedding Top Gear UFC Beverly Hills 90210 2.0 A&E The Jackson Family Dynasty A&E Teach (Tony Danza)
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