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  1. Hi there, I think you guys should try to implement by your own every module of a usable engine, this means IO, rendering, sound, input, etc. This way you will learn a lot and will have a good basis of engine development and how videogames work behind the scenes. In the meantime you will face struggles with C++ due to how write the code, dependencies among files, etc. so this will growth your C++ skill too. I'm not quiet sure you mean in your second question, but I would say you refering how to fix the issue of working together in a same software project, so if I undertood well you both guys should learn some control version like GIT. This allows that several persons work together in same project with no (maybe some haha) issues meanwhile having a consistent track of the development. Doesn't should a problem find some remplace to Visual Studio-like-editor in MacOS, but the important thing here is use the same compiler, It's not mandatory but for newbies won't add extra hassle in the development. Also my two cents about SDL vs GLFW: for sure SDL is larger library with tons of functionalities, still doesn't remplace entire modules that in other way you would write by your own and also has a own 2D rendering API so you can put aside OpenGL. GLEW is just a wrapper for OpenGL functions and also offers system events. I left you here a post I wrote recently about issues you may face at the start of development of a SDL-OpenGL engine.
  2. Hey, You are right, the correct order should be translate * rotate. Anyway that's no that it was causing me headache. Actually, the engine is fine, it just that the camera front is pointing towards negative z-axis and I thought it was upside down, my bad. I always was testing sprites with positive z and the camera at -10 in z. Pretty dumb on my side.
  3. Hi @Yxjmir thanks for your reply. Yep, It's still up. I recently uploaded project to Github so you can check out here. I guess camera class It's a hot spot here, you can find it in vongine/src/vongine/rendering/, source file is called VGCamera.
  4. Hi there, In my engine, the window in z-space to be culled by GL is very thin. Sprites have to be set at 1-5 units from the camera for not be culled, closer or farther than that won't be rendered. Camera is orthographic with 0.1 near plane and 100 far. Please, give me some hint of what's going on. Thanks in advance.
  5. Mhhh yhea, appreciate the suggestion and I think you are right, I will follow this rule from now. Anyway I resolved the problem, I summary here quickly: I use OpenGL and SDL in the project, my render-loop seems to be working nice but nothing drawn in screen. I debug in RenderDoc and I see sprites blitz in frame buffer so I though the issue was something around buffers no swapping for some reason. At the end, I debugged OpenGL code with glGetError and I catch an error in my code (I generated VAO with glGenBuffers instead of glGenVertexArrays). Now is working nicely.
  6. Hi there, I posted this to be resolved in SDL forums so Im gonna left here the link to original discussion https://discourse.libsdl.org/t/sdl-gl-swapwindow-is-not-working-for-me/22863 I don't want duplicate posts but I want reach the most people I be able to. Tell me If you think this is bad habits so I won't do again in advance. Thanks!
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