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  1. I've a trait: When I talk I tend to go all over the place (I really mean it). That second part of my post wasn't really directed what I previously said, so I got a warning out of nothing :/ . Yes, heuristics (which sounds less buzzwordy than ML) as an optimization technique. Simulated Annealing which did a a decent job at go (in the 2000s). I think they implemented over decition space (which in go overlaps a lot)... GAs could also be used, but i've not heard of that. There're statistical based methodologies too, but I've yet to dig into that. There're niches, thats all, I'm sure these things could take over (when a fitness/evaluation function could be available). 
  2. Modeling Armor for a Fat Man

    It doesnt fit? it doesn't make sense? are you making the concept? MD is the best tool for cloths, maybe leathery stuff too, but I would reserve it for details and not so much for concepts. I'm on the train that sculpting might be the easiest and most straight forward way to get a concept and then a model out of nothing.
  3. Context of work? Yes, I agree with that.   Talking about interesting AI and lazy/easy (I really favor easy), it's possible to automatically adjust weights if you find a way to judge the AI, maybe like making a quadruped gait ( in a more efficient way that a human could do... but that's just something useless and a proof of concept I made. The thing is that we've seen stuff like this in the field, this is tested stuff that works: there're cases in which you can just spend time extracting and formating important data from the game. 
  4. Above all other more difficult to implement techniques? You really have a hard case to make, APOCH, really. It takes not that many lines to write a basic planning algorithm, I can only see a hardcoded logic being easier but not as powerful.  
  5. I like planning for a reason: non hierarchical planning is the most powerful and easiest to implement algorithm for a simple AI. Yes, it has some problems, I can't remember the specific context on which states should be added to that of the global state (so the global state isn't really a state). 
  6. What are you working on?

    First time i did it almost right (normals and seams). 
  7. MMO Database

    I'm all in MySQL, it has a number of different engines: The most common are INNODB and MYISAM (I can't recall which one was what) and the difference is huge (and you can choose which table uses what). Both of which are implementations of the "new ways" and the "old ways"  (I hate this misnomer).Transactional and atomic queries are the nice thing about the "old ways"... the "new ways" can corrupt data if done incorrectly (well, maybe it's unavoidable).  The thing is that you talk about 100k users. And a MMO. While making tests you will realize that you will step over unless you really know each step towards making that... and it might take a lifetime.
  8. Csharp Unity Awake() function

    Awake gets called immediatly after the gameobject gets created. I think that Start excecutes immediatly before the first update, and so an unactivated object will not excecute Start until it's enabled. It's a little bit more complex than "this before that", though these are the most common use cases. 
  9. So how many of you are would be one man studios?

    I shouldn't be talking about this, I should be trying to figure out how amazon's IAP works. It's hard, yes, and you can't allow yourself to go full academic in one single unimportant issue. Aside the obvious... Sometime ago I heard of a story: During some of the past gold rushes, the shovel sellers made most of the money. I think we can tell we're at this point in some parts of the industry. Naive people buy shovels, and there's a golden path for them to follow.  
  10. Unreal, cyringine, unity... those might give the fastests results. The first 3 times: I tried, I failed, and I overreached. I've a bit of experience and this month I managed to make a single thing that's not crap. I think it has to do with practice, and it's not something you could write of, there's a sense of things that needs to be built up (It's not as easy as shamlessfully ignore the ugly and bad). 
  11. Unity MovePosition() not working?

    First thing: fixedupdate vs update (remember input latency). I don't see a point in using .move if the iskinematic flag is turned off, but I don't know if it's turned off (and maybe .move wouldn't work, but i've never done that). So maybe you can use .addforce (you will get stuck with the the slower physics update). I think you could also "raycast with a collider" and after that make the move/physicsforce ((if you move) you reduce input latency, and you don't pass through objects), but I don't know how that would work for 2D (RigidBody.Sweeptest or something like that for 3d... there's also a sphere/capsule cast). 
  12. Graphical Libraries for Python 3

    Python is everywhere. I think there's an implementation in .NET, so most probably you could use the same libraries that .NET developers use. Its name is Ironpython, but you would need to look deeper if I'm correct, and... maybe it's not in an usable state. 
  13. "Why do my static classes act funny?" A .NET developer after trying Unity.   
  14. Saturating a smarphone interface is a bad idea: it looks ugly and it turns unusable... so you can almost always develop while thinking in the lowest common denominator... That's also how most apps are done. Right now I'm doing an interface. I'm scaling up the interface by width, and I'm locking the application to panoramic view modes (which isn't a loss because of the game's mechanics). You should check what's possible with Godot.
  15. I would say that most likely not.  Play with this