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  1. I am working on a simple adventure. Each room is a view, you can click on things in a room. If you click on a door for example, it will take you to another room. Very much like current hidden object adventure games, but it's not a hidden object game. In each room, there can be an event character or a random encounter. If you click on the person, you should be able to start a dialog. In the dialog, I would like to be able to have a resulting event. For example, the character hands you an item. I'm only in the planning stages and I have not done anything with a dialog system before. The graphics are implemented in SDL2 and the language is C++. My main question is getting a dialog system architected in some skeleton code or at least some pseudo code. At the same time, I don't have a level organization yet. So in other words, the idea to implement things is straightforward, but I have not organized my code in any way whatsoever, to encapsulate a level or a room scene. I guess I'm asking for someone who has had experience with this type of gameplay. It's again, a simple adventure and I'm in the process of organizing implementation ideas. I would like help with this in any way possible.   My completed parts so far:   Just a pixel precision mouse click routine, so I can incorporate mask objects. If the object is animated, the mask animates with the character in a separate backbuffer. This allows for mouse hits to target the second buffer and select a stamped visible z-order of single color mask ID's. That was not too difficult to implement and is helpful if I do end up with a hidden object scene. I have not optimized it and only prototyped it in a simpler language.   Most needed components along with my question:   Game Level fileformat - need implementation idea. SDL2 user interface (not from an external library). - Working on this at this time. Simply implementing SDL2 mouse events on images for buttons and etc. Text output (custom font) - will be working on this next.     Thank you, for any help.   Almost forgot: Any dev blogs or user diaries on this type of game would be awesome if you guys have links.
  2. I'm currently working on a personal 2D project, but I'm interested in trying a little 3D, I don't have a background in that and I'm brushing up on the mathematics at this time.   There are ton's of SDL2 tutorials, but I can't seem to find an excellent example to use OpenGL with SDL2. Can someone recommend a good tutorial?   ...and I want to move from 0 to some application and I think the route is from Triangle to Object Viewer. What's the best lesson plan for that?  
  3. Norman - I don't know what you are referring to, I don't have a you tube video. You might have mixed it up with someone else's post, or may have clicked on an ad.     Regardless, I think that is what I'll do. Just small chunks of the game at a time. I started prototyping an encounter system, which can turn into a better event system I guess.
  4. Actually, thank you for the advice. I listen to everybody now and I can remember making some mistakes like you mentioned. As far as incomplete projects, I do have a good working tile based system, and some interactive events, that are static. In other words, I don't have an event system, not because I don't know how to build one, but I can't plan it on a large scale. For example, I may have a scrolling map that's huge. Lot's of locations, lot's of events and lot's of random encounters. Organizing this into a manageable structure is something I have to look at now. Even if some of the design aspects might seem overwhelming, I would like to try to tackle the problem. If that get's overwhelming, for me that's fine at this point, but I will resolve those issues around the same planned idea. I would like to specialize on that type of game-play for now. The larger step I will take, will be to move to 3D graphics programming. So basically, I'm following your advice ironically, but I'm basing it around my expectations of what type of software to create. So I agree with you, but I'm still interested in any help on this, that anyone might be able to recommend. An absolute beginner would do well to take your advice, so I second it. Just made it more clear. :)
  5. Hi, I'm new here and I have a question about advancing as a game developer. I'm a hobbyist developer, where I have created several incomplete applications, which were just part of the learning process. So in fact, no completed applications. However, I have gained enough experience to try a large scale game. I don't have a need for programming instructions, except the questions I ask specifically, so I'm fairly self-sufficient. However, I have one very big problem. I'm disorganized. I also found out after some practices, that my main reason for not completing most projects when wanting to, is I get too easily cluttered. So my big question here is to get help on organizing a large programming project. How I would best do this and where I can get additional information or example dev blogs I might be able to read, where others have got past the major hurdles. To better ask my question, i will describe the project and I will be more specific about where I have faults.   I am planning a Commando's Behind Enemy Lines style of gameplay. Large scrolling maps, either top view or isometric (have not decided). The game will be heavily interactive as a goal, so there will be many things to do on a map. My programming question first of all is how I would setup and organize an engine for this. What type of event system, what type of file formats and etc. I would like to program this in C/C++ and SDL or maybe SFML. Prototyping has been easy, which is what led to deciding to do this, but my prototypes are not really playable and lack performance. I will be creating the editors and utilities in .NET, and at this time editors would be for personal use, so this is not a feature, that I plan on releasing. The most important thing is, that it's a hobby project.   So are there any blogs out there for this kind of project and most important is there any info, for creating a intricate engine. I'm most interested in Skeleton designs or pseudo code (whatever it's called these days). Code code be useful, but at this time I'm only in the programming design phase.   Any suggestions?
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