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  1. Ah, ok, where would it go? I'm a beginner in this field...
  2. I've started to write a few blog posts about my experiences in starting to program for mobile devices...   http://owenransen.blogspot.it/2016/12/can-i-learn-to-program-mobile-devices.html   I hope some of you find it useful...
  3. oransen

    C# and Xamarin o HTML5 and Cordova?

      Why avoid Microsoft? C# is the best language I've seen in 30 years! Visual Studio is free and a wonderful development environment. (I remember losing the will to live when I tried the Apple develpoment tools, crashing IDE, crashing Help, arrgh!, and Objective C is an awful language, IMHO).   I've just had a quick look a native Android Studio, there seems to be a lot of support. Xamarin was a HUGE HUGE download, I may have another look at it after Android Studio.   What is/was stopping me using HTML + js + libs + some sort of APK packer I can't find a consistent place to get info about it. Now on my list though is NativeScript (thanks to WoopsASword), so I'll try that too.   Can that solution be easily turned into an APK (for example)?   Yes   Thanks for the pointer!
  4. oransen

    C# and Xamarin o HTML5 and Cordova?

      Can that solution be easily turned into an APK (for example)?
  5. oransen

    C# and Xamarin o HTML5 and Cordova?

    Thanks for the reply.   You say "Cordova looks fine if you are aiming at applications and not rendering"   By rendering do you mean 3D rendering or graphics in general (i. not 3D but 2d + photos)?  
  6. Hello All,   I'm a Windows programmer (C# and C++ MFC) looking to get into mobile games development.   I've read around quite a lot to see which tools to use, but I'm still a bit confused. I like the idea of C# with Xamarin because I know C# and, apparently, Xamarin makes it easy to get the C# based games onto Android, Apple and Windows platforms. Has anybody used this? Does anybody know of any games written in C# and Xamarin?   And the same questions for HTML5 and Cordova. I'm less experienced in HTML5, and I don't know Cordova at all.   I'm not thinking of 3D games, but simpler 2D games and maybe even intitially just text games. Ease of the monetization API is also a concern.   All pointers and advice and experiences welcome!
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