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  1. Sorry if this isn't the best section to post... Long story short: I've developed likely the only software which allows you to control most pc games with gesutres...It may also be used with VR in theory. If you want recent demos and more info about the technology pls. PM or: bob (et) novucomp.com 10x!
  2. Before I start: sorry to the mods for posting in the wrong forums before...   OK, so:    Some of the projects I have completed/working on:   1. Gesture recognition + face recognition, using nothing but webcam. It can be used to control most pc games (better than m$ kinect which only controls few games). Here's screenshot of the soft....have it handy, just sent it to someone asking, over email: http://i.imgur.com/RukBvm2.jpg Pre-Alpha though, it needs work, but the technology works. Good dev. can take it, spice it up and make $$$$$$ from this.   2. Software that writes books like a human. I've sold thousands of books on Amazon thanks to it   3. Revolutionary AR/cam search engine - still early concept but: AI looks for interesting things happening on a webcam 24/7 - if something interesting happens (crash, "ghost" etc.) the AI records it and/or if user searches for them: they appear with AR info next to them.   Selling some of those techs for $300 only. Millions of $$$$ potential. I mean the source of course, not just the .exe or so... - all windows btw.   bob@novucomp.com
  3.   I'd call it raw, not trained so it will fit of the so called "unsupervised learning". Also, for the facial recognition I'm using the amazing Accord framework, which is built over the equally amazing Aforge but NOT for the gestures. I'm using my own code/logic for the gestures. Accord/Aforge seemed to slow for this kind of thing...or at least I didn't now how to setup for that. I have some screenshots too that demonstrate the way it operates...
  4. ^ The videos are edited. The 2 cameras should be synchronized which means one can make it appear that the character is shooting BEFORE the person makes gun gesture...but the point wasn't to make fake made up videos of course hence the "delay".   Several more things:    1. Yes, the www.bandicam.com watermark was forgotten... 2. The low fps is only bandicam/capturing issue not something related to the software making 2002 NFS run slow. You don't specify the currency.  It's a big world.   Leap Motion is commercial software requiring a paid commercial license.  Are you a relicenser or are you trying to sell an add-on to something that already provides what you're providing, but at an extra cost?       I meant $97 USD of course, not AUD nor CAD.    No, I am trying to be standalone product - that's the goal, not some overpriced hardware. 
  5. ^ Thanks for the reply.    I have uploaded 2 Youtube videos + screenshots on some websites. Please PM me if you'r interested.    Thanks, Bob
  6. Long story short: You've probably heard of MS Kinect, which lets you control some Xbox games with gestures. The problem: It works on limited amount of games; 97$. Using Leap Motion and so needs to be controlled with weird gestures.   My software: Should work on 99% of games+; Control it with normal gesture: "human shooting gestures" means shooting, stopping means 'stop', walking means 'walk in the game' etc, etc.   If you need demo + more info, pls. PM or email: perte@abv.bg   Basically, I am planning to sell the technology to big companies, but if the process takes too slow...months and if they want me to make additional changes - I may decide to sell it for even $500 or less.
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