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  1. Just released the soundtrack to Shift Quantum, a cyber-noir puzzle game released on all platforms! You can listen to the soundtrack here: Bandcamp: Spotify: Also: I'm still looking for additional projects!
  2. Here's a new orchestral theme, with a digital painting I did! Still looking for projects too Winds of White
  3. I'm still looking for projects, feel free to PM me if you need audio for your game!
  4. Great, looking forward to hearing from you again!
  5. That depends on the complexity of the music of course, but as an example: A pretty complex piece like The Necropolis took around 15 hours (roughly) to complete. In this case some time beforehand was also spent listening to different references the client gave me, and doing some thinking about musical direction and playing/recording some snippets of melodies/harmonies before the actual composing process started
  6. Thanks Rutin! I'm having a blast working on the trailer
  7. Hi! My name is Simon Felix, and I am a composer and sound designer based in Ghent, Belgium. I started out in the electronic music scene, but gradually branched out to orchestral music and soundtracks. I just finished the soundtrack for Shift Quantum, and I'm looking for a new project! Samples Here you can listen to some of my work: Blazing Sails: The main theme for an upcoming pirate-themed combat game. The Necropolis: One of the themes for an upcoming RTS. Adventure Awaits: One of the themes for an upcoming RTS. Winds of White: The main theme of an upcoming RPG. Zerhen's Grace: A calming piece for a cancelled RPG project. Rooftop Botanist: A soothing piano theme made for a cancelled project. Submarine Waltz: Title says it all, could be a theme for an adventure or point-and-click game. Compensation Rates are negotiable. I might be open to rev-share agreements, providing that the project is near completion. Contact I hope you enjoy, and feel free to contact me at, or send me a PM, if you are interested in working together. You can follow me on twitter here: @SimonFelixMusic, and on Facebook here:
  8. SimonFelix

    The Next Gen Card Strategy game

    Hi! What I've seen so far looks awesome, great job! Are you by any chance looking for a composer for the project? You can listen to my portfolio here:
  9. Hi! My name is Simon Felix, I'm a composer from Belgium. I'm pretty interested, is this a paid project? You can listen to my portfolio here: Regards, Simon
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