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  1. Archangel1202

    Hero Shooter Idea

    I did plan a sort of solution to that.   Rather than just total freedom, the characters would be one of a group of classes, so at least team composition would be doable (as it could tell you if you needed more healers or tanks or whatever), but yeah, reading the enemy would be an issue
  2. Archangel1202

    Hero Shooter Idea

      Yeah, the balance is something I'd have nightmares over if I got a team together to make this. Now, if I could get the team, I'd more than love to make a regular hero shooter, I just thought this was a good twist in the formula people would enjoy. But yeah, it'd be hard if this did get made
  3. Archangel1202

    Premise for a Game's Plot

    So, the game I have in mind is a hero shooter, so either totally or mostly multiplayer, so really the premise is more important than a rigidly determined story.   But what I had an idea for is a fairly near-future game where mankind has started to try and expand outside our solar system, but after a series of high-profile accidents, the decision was made that national space agencies (such as NASA), were not to attempt to explore uncharted planets with manned missions. So, to fill the gap, a legal grey area was exploited (and supported by governments) to have privately owned companies send specialists (taken from prisons, the military, etc) down to chart the planets so manned missions are legal.    However, there's competition between the companies, and often they have subordinate goals to just having specialists explore the planets, so they come into conflict with each other. And out there in space, the law's a lot less enforceable
  4. Archangel1202

    Hero Shooter Idea

    So I'm guessing everyone knows what a hero shooter is, but if not, it's something like Team Fortress or Overwatch, where players play heroes with unique abilities rather than the standardised shooter character in something like Halo.   So I had an idea (that I won't go into too much detail on, for your sake and mine) for a hero shooter with the idea that rather than pre-set heroes, people would make their own.    The idea is that when they wanted to make a new hero, they'd pick a class-type thing (as otherwise any semblance of team composition would be impossible) which would limit the equipment they could choose from based on role, and then they could choose from weapons, abilities, passive abilities, set things like health and speed (obviously there'd need to be some form of point system to balance it), and also decide the name and the appearance (using a character creation system, obviously).   Does it sound like a good idea at all? Like, obviously it would have issues (would need a lot of testing, people find ways to abuse create able things) but I think it sounds like a cool idea. Am I just blowing smoke out of my arse?
  5. So I'm really interested in game design, but I know that if I tried to start a project on my own back I'd be hampered severely by my lack of skills in a lot of areas. What I can do, however, is write. Be it an overall story or dialogue (although if I had to be honest, I'd probably say I'm a bit better at plot and character than the dialogue), I could manage to whip something up.   My writing's been published in magazines before, and I've won competitions. My main experience is with urban fantasy and sci-fi (usually quite soft sci-fi), but I'm willing to try and branch out. So basically, if you're in need of a writer for a project, or you're just looking for someone to help with ideas for a project, or just somebody to work with (although I can't offer much to a team except writing, ideas and food if we live nearby) on something, I'm happy to try and help.   If you have anything in mind, feel free to shoot me a message at isaacwilliams1202@gmail.com
  6. Horror isn't my strongest suit, but if you need a writer for anything, or any help with ideas, I could give it a go
  7. I know you said you guys are good for writers, but if anything does come up, I'd be happy to try lending a hand. Not gonna lie and say I've got loads and loads of experience, but I can write. So yeah, if there's anything I could help with, feel free to hit me up
  8. Archangel1202

    Do I have any chance with projects?

    So I don't want to sound like someone who thinks game design is an easy thing anyone can jump into. My dad's a software engineer, and I know that end alone is bloody hard, and that there's more to game design, and it is not an easy thing.   My main creative skill is writing. I write fiction, often with heavy influences from games I've played or that I grew up with, and I've even been published a few times. But something I seem to put a lot of energy into is just mentally trying to design games. Not just like, going "Oh, it'd be cool if", but like, creating documents of mechanics, ideas, plots, concepts and all that sort of stuff.    Now, I am no coder. I've tried to learn several times, and it has never ended well. So it just occasionally bums me out that I have these ideas that I'm not going to be able to turn into anything myself, and despite knowing it's pointless, I seem to devote a lot of time to it, and I'm not overly sure why, seeing as it seems like an exercise in futility. I just like to imagine myself working with a team of people on a project making a game, even though I know I wouldn't actually have much that's practical to add to it (although I'd love to get hired as a writer for a games company, I do think that'd be great).   So, do you guys think that, without really any programming or art ability I'd be able to make a project? Or is it just one of those pipe dreams I'd entertain once in a while but not really be able to offer anything to a team?   Sorry if this seems a tad rambly, weird and/or whiny, I'm rather sleep deprived.
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