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  1. C++ Making an UI in c++

    Thanks everyone. Your advice was much appreciated! Right now we are taking a chance with ImGUI but will consider making our own implementation on the future.
  2. Hello everyone. Me and a bunch of classmates are making a videogame from scratch in c++. We are currently using the Irrlicht Engine in our code, but will begin to develop our own engine in a couple of weeks. One of our concerns right now is the User Interface. After doing some research, I found several libraries for creating a GUI in c++, problem is in the past we have spent more time learning and figuring out how to make things work with libraries than we would have if we actually made the entire code from scratch ourselves. So, I wanted to ask more experienced game programmers out there, what would be your preferred choice? using a library or writting the code from scratch when making an UI, and in case of the libraries, which ones would you use?. Heres what we will most likely do: Healthbars Displaying numbers in HUD Displaying icons (images) in HUD Drawing game menu elements (text and rectangles) Also, we are currently working in linux, more specifically Manjaro KDE and without IDE's (using our own make file and the console). PD: Sorry in advance is this is in the wrong topic, It's my first time asking a question in GameDev.net
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