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  1. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    Thanks! I will aim for that as my first marker then. It sounds like getting a junior job in gamedev is a lot like getting a junior job in a decent kitchen. Lots of competition(where I live), and they expect more experience than you can reasonably have. Hopefully I can do some sort of equivalent of how I got my first chef job. Which was polishing my skills at home, and then basically going restaurant to restaurant meeting people and offering my skills. Haha, that being said I had to get my foot in the door by accepting shitty conditions for about a year, but after that initial experience the amount of restaurants that would hire me increased exponentially.
  2. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    Ah, I appreciate the detailed explanation. That certainly sounds like it would save a lot of time and effort. I will do some research on SFML then. It seems like there's a balance to be found between going too needlessly low level in your learning or staying so high level you don't fully understand the mechanics of things you are making. I hope to find the middle point.
  3. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    Another question I have that any answer however vague I would consider valuable. Is there some kind of baseline that will tell me I am ready to look for work in the industry in a junior coding position? I realize there are tons of variables in regards to this. Also I know the industry is said to be notoriously finicky to get your foot into it. That's not what I'm asking about though. I'm asking just as far as my own skills is there some measure(maybe a type of program I'm able to write?) that will tell me "ok, I have a skill that someone could employ me for"? Thanks!
  4. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    This makes a lot of sense to me. I'm grasping that a lot of being in the tech industry(I was a line cook in my previous life) in general is being flexible/adaptive, and working with whatever specific tools are needed for each job. The foundational skills are what will allow one to do these transitions. Haha, I appreciate your perspective about relearning things. It's easy on this journey to look at that mountain wondering how I will ever get to the top instead of just starting to climb. This is reassuring indeed! Yes, my goal now is to hopefully transition from tech/language to tech/language(in due time) with each hopefully complimenting the last. I'm glad to know that it's all interconnected in one way or another.
  5. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    That sounds wise to me. I have not heard of the combination of C++ and SDL. After looking it up I'm not sure I fully understand it but it seems like SDL is a cross-platform library that allows low level access to the elements of the computer's graphical interface. So, my guess is this isn't an engine but a very handy library for developing your own engine? Thanks!
  6. ToTheHilt

    Learning C++/Gamemaker seeking opinions

    Thanks for thorough the reply! So you're of the opinion that I should just push through with both simultaneously? That makes sense as they are both key towards the goal. What I meant by relearning C++ is I wasn't sure how much the code for games will differ from the kind of code your average software developer uses if at all. I understand that the same logic should apply. Also I have given a look towards Unity but I was left feeling that it would take longer for me to get something up and running then GameMaker. I figure at some point I will probably start learning it and C#(which should hopefully be easier to learn after C++). I will keep moving forward!
  7. Hello friends, I've recently gone back to community college, and my main goals there are to learn math and programming to the extent that I will one day be employable in the games industry. I'm just finishing my first semester of C++, and am enjoying it a lot. I'm also learning Gamemaker in my spare time through online tutorials. This seemed like a good match to make beginner friendly games while using a simplified version of C++ in the Gamemaker language. Am I right in thinking this combination has some synergy? The biggest question burning in my mind now is what should I pour the majority of my focus/free time into? It seems hard to simultaneously learn both to a great degree of skill. I am in school full time and also work giving me little enough free time. Should I limit my focus on Gamemaker to a large extent and dive deep into C++ or the other way around? In regards to C++ will I have to relearn tons of it when it comes to actually game programming? To clarify my goal is to work on small games on my own and eventually get a job making them with small teams ideally as a programmer/designer(I don't expect the design part to come right away). My heart is 100% in this I would just love some guidance from experienced people of where to channel my energy. Thank you!
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