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  1. Thank you so much TomKQT. I did not describe my question clearly. I have a HoloLens device and even look through it I cannot get a feeling that the red hologram is inside the lampshade. BTW, I did not scan the lampshade. The suggestion I got from other people is scanning the lampshade and render its outer edges.
  2. Hi I want to render a hologram inside a real object. But the Mixed Reality Capture result shows the hologram looks like out of the real object. Please see the attached image in which the real object is a lampshade. Thanks. YL
  3. Thank you so much for both of your detailed explanation. From your explanation, it looks I need to create a normal map, specular map and texture map and use Phong shading by considering ambient lighting.
  4. Hi, The attached rendering result about the human heart looks so realistic. I would like to get some suggestion about how to reach this effect. What I have is a surface triangle mesh of the heart (has vertex normals, but no color and no texture). I think I need the following processes: 1. Use 3D Max to associate the surface model with a texture 2. Rendering with lighting (Is Phong shading sufficient?) I am not sure if my consideration is correct or not. Any suggestion are really appreciated. YL
  5. YixunLiu

    Use a cone to cut a surface mesh

    Thanks for reminder.
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