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  1. sleepypixie

    Artist - What is my next step?

    Okay I will focus on building up my portfolio, learning 3D art and loading and preparing my art in Unity. Thank you!
  2. Hi GameDev community! I don't know what to do next to work as a video game artist. Education: Advanced drawing, figure drawing, oil painting, traditional animation, java and visual basic college classes. No degree. Self or tutorial taught skills: 2D digital art and animation (would prefer to learn how this is normally made for and used in games), currently learning C# and Unity I am happy with my level of traditional art skill. My 2D digital art and animation skills are there, but I'm kind of self taught and I bet there are many things I can learn to improve. I have not even tried 3D art yet. I'm curious about it, but not sure if it will be useful to know both 2D and 3D. I enjoy programming and learning to use Unity, but again I'm not sure if these are things that will be useful as an artist. What is my next step? Are there alternatives to formal education that will still teach me what I need to know? And most importantly, is there a path I can set for myself to work towards my goal of working as a video game artist?
  3. sleepypixie

    Getting Cold Feet | I need advice.

    CCS is in Detroit (USA)   I guess I should mention that I need to stay within a couple of hours drive of there, so whatever is decided should be something I can do from Southeast Michigan.
  4. sleepypixie

    Getting Cold Feet | I need advice.

    Artist.   My traditional art skills are at professional level in several mediums. However, my digital art skills are minimal. I have used Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic design, but beyond that I have no training in 2D or 3D digital art.   As far as programming goes, I have taken a semester each of Visual Basic and Java. It would be fun to learn programming to create small games on my own, but I'd rather be part of a team in which someone else handles the heavy programming.
  5. sleepypixie

    Would you play a game like this?

    Maybe if you give some examples of what the adaptors can do and how the player makes them perform their actions in battle, the concept will become clearer.
  6. sleepypixie

    Anyone excited for The Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding?

    YES. So excited for The Last of Us 2. I can't stop watching the trailer.   Death Stranding is something I'll probably play, but I'm not a diehard Kojima fan.
  7. Hi!   I was recently accepted to College for Creative Studies. I'm majoring in Video Game Art Design.   I did this quite suddenly, without as much research as I should have, and I'm worried I'll be missing out on basic programming and game design because this is an art school. Plus, I don't know of any local game developers I could intern for. I will also be missing out on networking with students studying other parts of game development. Will this school still give me what I need to break into the industry? If not, are there other options (college, free courses, or otherwise) that I should be pursuing?   Any advice is appreciated, Sleepypixie
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