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  1. DragonJoker


    Castor3D is a 3D engine written in C++ 14. It works on Windows and also on GNU/Linux. It uses OpenGL (with GLSL). It is still a work in progress, feel free to contribute! Features Deferred rendering. Normal mapping. Parallax Occlusion mapping. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (using Scalable Ambiant Obscurance implementation). Shadow Mapping (using Variance Shadow Maps). Reflection/Refraction Mapping. PBR rendering (Metallic and Specular workflows), and Legacy rendering. HDR rendering with various tone mapping operators. Screen Space Subsurface Scattering (without backlit transmittance yet). Scene graph. Modular architecture through plug-ins. Shaders are generated automatically from material and pass configuration. Shaders are writable directly from C++ code. Implemented Plug-ins Renderers GlRenderSystem. Importers ASSIMP: Multiple format mesh importer. PLY: Stanford Polygon library mesh importer. OBJ: Wavefront OBJ mesh importer. Dividers Loop subdivision surfaces. Phong tessellation. PN-Triangles surfaces. PostEffects Bloom: HDR Bloom implementation. FilmGrain: To display some grain on the render. GrayScale. LightStreaks (using Kawase Light Streaks). FXAA Antialiasing. SMAA Antialiasing (1X and T2X so far). Generators DiamondSquareTerrain: to generate terrains inside Castor3D scenes, using diamond-quare algorithm. Generic CastorGUI: to build GUIs inside Castor3D scenes. ToneMappings LinearToneMapping: Default tone mapping. HaarmPieterDuikerToneMapping: Haarm Pieter Duiker tone mapping. HejlBurgessDawsonToneMapping: Hejl Burgess Dawson tone mapping. ReinhardToneMapping: Reinhard tone mapping. Uncharted2ToneMapping: Uncharted 2 tone mapping.
  2. Hi! I usually sync when modifying a SSBO from a compute shader, my guess is that it will needed for textures too.
  3. DragonJoker

    How To Convert double To float

    Thanks. I'll try to implement this tomorrow, but my guess is that I won't be able to use this guy's solution, since I need to keep track of overflow, non representibility, precision loss (it's for a deep flow analysis tool), and extended precision too (80 bits at least...). Hence I'll try implementing your solution. Thanks for the details!
  4. DragonJoker

    How To Convert double To float

    Hi! I'm highly interested by the solution you've had, for cases where the normalised source floating point would result in a denormalised destination. How have you handled this ?
  5. Hi For your second question, assimp viewer is effectively using DX9, but assimp itself is API agnostic, you can use it to load meshes for DX9, OpenGL, Vulkan, DX11 or whatever...
  6. Hi I don't see where you setup your projection matrix, and if you don"t create one, the default OpenGL's projection is used, and it is an orthographic projection, explaining your 2D feeling.
  7. Since your solution for this problem can be useful to anybody encountering the same issue, it is a good thing that you can't delete your post
  8. DragonJoker

    help open gl code

    So, you're asking us to write the code for you ?
  9. Well, even if you are right about that negligible impact on the tested configurations, you still say "in general safe to call", and there may be exceptions. Since it is easy (at least for most of glGet... calls) to get rid of them, you should get rid of them, so you don't encounter problems on those exceptions.
  10. DragonJoker

    XRGB frame buffer format on GLES

    If I recall properly, XRGB is a 32 bits format with an ignored component ? (the X) Why don't you create an RGBA surface with ignored alpha ?
  11. DragonJoker

    Trouble displaying texture with SOIL (newbie)

    Hello, When you load your image with SOIL, you tell it to load it in RGB, with this option SOIL_LOAD_RGB But when you transfer it to VRAM, you use GL_RGBA... Ouch... Try using GL_RGB for internal format, and GL_RGB (or GL_BGR) for format; in you glTextureImage2D call.
  12. DragonJoker

    Very strange problem with Texture Units

    Hi, do you sample your depth texture with a samplerShadow ? This is usually what I use the compare func for, and except for that, I don't use it.
  13. DragonJoker

    Very strange problem with Texture Units

    Are you using OpenGL sampler objects, or traditional glTexParameter ?
  14. DragonJoker

    Shadows problems

    I solved the Peter Panning by virtually translating the world space position along its normal, instead of applying a depth bias
  15. DragonJoker

    Shadows problems

    Looks like traditional shadow acne, to me?
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