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  1. MrShoxz

    Survival Game - back story.

    I feel like it is suppose to be some sort of freak accident. The radiation moved down into the core of the earth and it exploded. It's like a drain of sorts. It drained into the earth and kept going down until the earth's core couldn't hold anymore and in a mix of natural compounds and radioactive chemicals as well as all the nuclear testing created this freak accident. And the earth just became weak.
  2. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    Thanks Duninn. So randomly generated world would be fantastic and like rust have the resources available but not as sparse. And like minecraft be able to mine and such to gather hard to get mats.
  3. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    That sounds like an amazing idea pm me your Gmail. Would like to contact you personally. And I like the idea of gangs maybe even little quests to get some nice resources and such.
  4. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    Thank you duninn this is wonderful feed back I am deciding on creating a lore. And defining theses things. Those are really great questions. And things I should look in to. I wanted to get feedback like that. Any more questions for me to consider please ask away.
  5. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    Wasn't aswing here lmao. Just asking for opinions. And thoughto on what else I should add and stuff like that.
  6. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    I have seen 7 days to die. It's really good but difficult to survive. I have made one game but not a public one. But I am an artist to do the levels and models and stuff no programming experience. I know I can't get a group to just whip up code for me. But do sent hurt to ask haha.
  7. MrShoxz

    Game idea

    I have a great game idea but I don't know how well it would pan out. This idea is like minecraft and fallout. In this game you start off in a world with nothing but clothes. You create weapons and tools to slowly progress in to building a town where you dig to lay pipes and build power grids but in the first person aspect. You explore to find resources to help build. All while batteLing the elements and keeping away wildlife and some other sort of threat. Basically starting a civilization of your own.
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