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  1. DeepanBhavsar

    24-bit bmp to 8-bit bmp image conversion

    Ok, that would give you 2^3 = 8 different red colours, right? In a 24bit image, you have 8 bit red, ie 256 colours.   So how would you reduce 256 red colours to 8?   Now 256 is a bit large, make it easier, say 15 colours, from high intensity to lo intensity red. Reduce it to 5 colours, Make a table of length 15, where each value is a colur of the 5.   if we have 8 bit of red then by just shifting it right side for 5 times we can get 3 bit color. here we are shifting right because we have to contain MSbs as they containing highest values.
  2. DeepanBhavsar

    24-bit bmp to 8-bit bmp image conversion

    can you help us with c code? or some more information , because i m getting what to do but not getting how to do
  3. DeepanBhavsar

    24-bit bmp to 8-bit bmp image conversion

    Yes i know what it means. It means, if size of the pixel is 8 bit then first 3 bit stands for red, next 3 for green and rest are for blue. i am trying to develop a program for conversion. so if you can help by making me understand how things happens or you can straight away help me with c code. thank you 
  4. DeepanBhavsar

    24-bit bmp to 8-bit bmp image conversion

    Thanx for reply. Yes, i m talking about pelleted image. but my task is to read 24 bit bmp image and then convert it to 8bit bmp. As a reference i have converted one image from paint (windows) , and studied color table of it. but i am not able to decode that algorithm by which it take color of 24 bit then decide its particular range and index it accordingly. so , can you please provide me what the color table shoud be and how to index color of 24 bit image as input file and get 8 bit color image.   Thank you for your reply. But please guide me for this que. and if you can spend some of your valuable time to describe this scenario is would very appreciable.
  5. Hello All,   I have read  a topic on this forum about the conversion from 24 bit to 16 bit bmp image. And it is very informative.  I want to know about how a 24 bit bmp image is converted to 8 bit (3R - 3G - 2B)  bmp color image. @big Please Do Reply. Thank You. 
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