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  1. This is a new game where basic English words are used to spell out English or Western names. Let's pretend that you are telling me to write down some names but I do not know the exact spelling from them. However, I know some English words that sound almost or exactly the syllabus for the names. Before I go on, please let me remind you that if I used a negative sounding word it doesn't I am saying something nasty about that person. For example, if I use the word pest, I am not calling the person a pest. For example, if I ask you to guess what gent knee fur law pest stand for, I not calling Jennifer Lopez a pest. I use the word pest because it sounds almost the same the syllabus pez for the name Lopez.  In other words, gent stands for Jen, knee stands for ni, fur stands fer law stands for lo, and pest stands for pez.    Perhaps, using YouTube may not be a good idea as it may not allow you to response on time.  Also, there are only names of about 30 people used in the game. Therefore, your feedback and advice will be greatly appreciated so that we can improve on the game or perhaps, make a better one for your enjoyment. Just like, you want us to enjoy your games, we also want you to be able to enjoy our games.   Thank you so much for your kind attention.  If you are interested in trying out the game, please visit . If the game really sucks, tell us why so that we can improve on it. If it is a stupid idea, tell us why so that we may think of something better.
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