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  1. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    That sounds really cool actually, and should emphasize the exploration more, also fortifies other other ideas I had. To play on your idea a bit, maybe there's other traveling gobs that gather season/yearly exchanging regional items? Forming a sort of marketplace. Conceptually it should only make things feel more 'humane' and less survival some players may not prefer? Not sure.   I think I might just use that though thanks :) and I'm fully willing to credit everyone unless of course they don't want to.
  2. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    Yea I'll start brainstorming the core stuff, rather than throwing random ideas in as patchwork. I wanna make it a type of hybrid between exploration combat and crafting with random encounters without disjointing the gameflow. Will also check out those games, probably plenty for me to learn there. I'm also not that new to pixel art, but is not something I practice so now's the time to learn I suppose. If anyone ever has any idea's I'll definitely check em out and thanks for the posts guys!
  3. That was a nice quick challenge, not too quick though I died a lot  :D The white trailing helps amp difficulty and tension, good stuff!
  4. I'll try it tonight, you can also upload it on gamejolt for free and get feedbacks.
  5. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    I realized it needs an arching story to be interesting, so what at first were exploration tools (like the lake) may become plot points, but still hold meaning beyond that. At the moment (because it keeps changing) you'll survive to develop the story at any given pace. Along the way you unlock privileges from quests, like a goblin chief clearing tough enemies of value for you, then death would revert any progress gained this way,  or something like that. Just a thought. There's also this idea I had about him being spirit-bound to an object you're sheltering if destroyed reverts him back to human again, so the chief would not recognize or follow you, as one example. But that's kinda wacky and maybe pointless. Anyway about death, I can't say for sure until I figure more out, and idk what roguelite is actually  :unsure:   Increasing winter deadliness sounds good, should definitely tie that in with mid-late game at least.You're probably right on that, It should have some fast travel and as much content as I can throw in. I've been thinking about the whole backtracking thing, and as much it needs engaging stuff I need reasons to shift focus to them individually in ways the player isn't face-planting their screen in boredom. Basically finding interactions to make them feel they won something or that something cool/unique is happening, that's the toughie though if you get my late-night rambling.   Access points also sounds good, got some stuff to think up for that one. I had a decayed bridge in mind that needed fixing for the story, but recurring repair could be a thing too like you said, and more than one 'round them parts.     One other thing, I really think games like this need at least some types of 'human' factor. Npc's should be deep and quirky, and especially not always stagnant but participant in different ways. It's like adding another dimension to it, unless I birth some pretty unappealing Jar-Jar's. It should be fine though.. I think.   Lastly, if I end up on the art-side of things, it will probably look something like this below. Sketched up a few oddities, which are suppose to be trees and the char. Clearly have no artistic gifts, which sucks, so I might have to hire some people if I even can. Otherwise I'm stuck with this in hopes someone talented will touch it up with a color revamp.     http://i.imgur.com/W697LMa.png
  6. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    If it doesn't work I probably screwed something up heh.   I'm liking the idea of making risky decisions, hopefully without p**sing the player off to much  :D   Another addition, perhaps catchable creatures like birds and critters along the way advancing a skill? Birds could be 'broken down' in to feathers/meat/beak for items, or craft the actual bird in to a glider for luring larger prey.. which sounds kinda funny for some reason.
  7. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    Maybe explorer is a bad term, it seemed that way in my head, but 'resource gatherer' exploration is probably better. You learn how to efficiently defend against the seasons in different ways using familiar and new materials. The game starts before a hibernation cycle, which is when you're out gathering and preparing, then when it hits hibernation starts. With good defenses you wake after it's all over and assess the damage learning through observation and item hints. If you did badly something will fail and you struggle to fix it before everything goes down. Exploration is to find new items for building/healing/weapons/lore and more meaningful stuff. New seasons bring new creatures and items/growth, and maybe unique weather effects like special rains enhancing certain stuff, just to give areas a kick in value worth a trip. If those ideas sound appeasing. In itself, defending a house maybe seems a little too hollow, so it's gonna have to tie in with drawbacks to something bigger like a story? Idk.   I was actually planning some light procedure generation for goblin camps and stuff, entire levels is probably too much for me though. Camps meaning several sized huts holding 3+ enemies in a small screen.
  8. Cheesy Stuffs

    Relaxed explorer

    I'm kinda wanting to do something different than a straight-path storyteller.  So far what I have is sidescroller semi-survival about a goblin creature combining/crafting items to advance and explore the forest using a 1-3 lvl upgrade system, 3 being stronger/better for healing/stuff. Example: wearing tree bark wrappings dipped in a curative to survive a dead lake.The combinations are mostly unexplained and require slight observation. One main mechanic is stocking and preparing your home against harsh seasons, and desperate repair if something fails. Progression is seizing new safer homes like an abandoned overgrown fortress nesting with creatures, safer from rat infestations, etc.   Mainly I need to know (since my first real game) how can I keep a game like this becoming repetitive and maintain good replay value? This is a fairly bigger game backtracking and stuff is my main concern, moving back and forth between so many screens, and also item/challenge pacing.
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