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  1. using tmxparser (and failing)

    thanks for the reply Yxjmir, i managed to get things working. turns out i was doing something really dumb with the windows sdk libraries.
  2. using tmxparser (and failing)

    Hi everyone! I've managed to build zlib, tinyxml2 and tmxparser with cmake-gui & visual studio 2017, but when I try building the example program for tmxparser (https://github.com/sainteos/tmxparser/tree/master/test) I'm getting numerous unresolved externals for errors, and in the warnings they all state the library machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type 'x86'. (some of the unresolved symbols include __imp__UnhandledExceptionFilter@4, __imp__getCurrentProcess@0, __imp__HeapAlloc@12 and the file referenced in the error log is MSVCRTD.lib along with varying object files) Thing is, when I go back to the cmake configuration listings for all 3 of those libraries, i can't find anything to suggest i've explicitly configured anything as a 64bit build, and when I open the solutions cmake generated for each of the libraries, all of them (including the test project) have x86 as the current target.. what gives? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm new here and would like to say Hello!

    Hi Flintlock (and other posters!)   I'm new here too. I have very little game development experience, but that's why I signed on here :D   I have some C++ experience and I am currently learning SDL2 to learn how to make a basic platformer.   All the best! <3
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