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  1. Hi I draw in a OpenGL framebuffer. All is fine but it eats FPS (frames per second), hence I wonder if I could execute the framebuffer drawing only every 5-10th loop or so? Many thanks
  2. FPS means Frames per second. I draw in a framebuffer, maybe I'll ask in OpenGL, thanks.
  3. Thanks. I've experimented with alike but I get heavy flickering. I have a OpenGL drawing function which eats FPS and I try to call only every 10 time or so. Probably I should ask in OpenGL section on how to do such? Your example slows the code? I've tried alike: int drawNow = XPLMGetDatai(XPLMFindDataRef("sim/graphics/view/panel_render_type")); drawNow2++; if (drawNow == 2 ){ if (sDR23value != 1 && sDR22value == 1 && sDR25value == 1 && (drawNow2 % 10 == 0)){ zeichneZweiDimMM(); drawNow2 = 0; }
  4. Hi how to go into a code segment only every 5 - 10th loop or so? The simpler and smaller the better. Thanks
  5. C vs. C++ vs. C# (Beginner)

    If you want C++ you could use Unreal. Unity3D for C#. Both languages are so close, a employer would probably decide upon the coding and not which language you've choosen. Best to have some OpenSource code for both to show when searching a job. Personally I develop on Ubuntu which makes it easier to compile later on Win/Mac.
  6. ps: never mind. Seems I don't need to do anything as the destructor does it automagically :-) Hi I use this: https://github.com/PhilippMuenzel/PPL/blob/master/src/fontmgr.h and all is working fine on Linux/Mac but on Windows it messes up the visual upon reloading my x-plane plugin. I get random visual artefacts hence I'm doing something wrong on exit. Currently in pluginstop I only do: m.unloadFont(FontGeladen); What else do I need? Many thanks and regards
  7. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=vulkan-on-mac&num=1 Isn't there a similar Khronos project for DX12 to Vulkan that would cover Xbox?
  8. unload class / char pointer

    When I want to change char to string I get here: strcmp((*it).first.c_str(), inFontPath) == 0) There is no suitable conversion function from "std :: string" to "const char *" ".
  9. typedef struct FontInfo_t* FontHandle; MichaelNS::FontMgr m; MichaelNS::FontHandle FontGeladen; const char *FontPtr; start: InFileFont.append("Ubuntu-B.ttf"); FontPtr = InFileFont.c_str(); FontGeladen = m.loadFont(FontPtr, NULL, NULL, 14, 0); stop: m.unloadFont(FontGeladen); delete FontPtr; delete causes a crash. How to unload the class correctly? Thanks
  10. Xcode link freetype

    ahh I see. Thanks
  11. Xcode link freetype

    Hi I've compiled and linked to the libfreetype2.dylib. Now how to have it portable to other Macs? If I link to .a I get bzip errors . Basically the same as here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26888332/static-freetype-has-dependencies-libfreetype-6-dylib but I can't set this in xcode linker flags. I get unrecognised option The other would be to ship with my app libfreetype2.dylib? But that would cause errors if users don't have libpng etc. installed? Many thanks and regards
  12. link freetype

    Hi how to link freetype on win10 with vs community2017? I get, after compiling with the provided vcproject: Error LNK1107 Invalid or corrupt file: Can not read at 0x318. Many thanks
  13. C++ precision

    Simple as: sprintf(headingn,"%1.2f", heading);
  14. With Wine on Linux (Ubuntu myself) you can have multiple Windows versions etc. by specifing prefixes. Also handy for backups etc.
  15. Hi heading is float alike 12.3524423 std::string sheading = std::to_string(heading); now I only want to display 12.35 Many thanks in advance
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