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  1. I was eyeing a Mac laptop, but only until I saw a discounted Acer Aspire S13. It costs me less than half with even better graphics. Bottomline, I'm sure you get better/cheaper hardware from anybody but Apple.  
  2. Hi I cannot find vc++ 2015 redist anymore! I'm not sure but could have used also 2017. Anyone could give me the link to those Microsoft redistributables? Why have those downloads been removed? Many thanks
  3. Dump dumb Trump. https://twitter.com/attn/status/870446506477670400
  4. For now it's to expensive, heavy and low resolution. But I surely will get a Linux compatible device for X-Plane in the next years. Also must be huge fun for Alien Isolation and alike.
  5. Hi debug is ok but after switching to release configuration with Visual Studio I get lots of: Reference to unresolved external symbol Why, what am I doing wrong? I've disabled "generate debug info" in linker settings and changed: multithreaded-debug dll to multithreaded-dll Many thanks
  6. With Unreal you can code in C++. Among the Linux/Android/Vulkan support that's one of the many features.
  7. ok got it thanks
  8. Thanks I only need to get the clipboard content in c++. The simpler the better.
  9. Hi how/where is the header for using the scrap clipboard on Mac alike: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/index.php?title=TextFieldFilters&redirect=no Can't find scrap.h Thanks    
  10. To use ONLY Vulkan was thought as 1. April joke, but I only read yesterday that X-Plane will indeed move to Vulkan. Probably using also Metal for their Mac users? Mad Max runs very well and without crash in my first two ingame hours. Unlike Alien Isolation which crashes regularly probably to a Nvidia OpenGL bug with my new GTX1070. I don't remember such with my old GTX770. Such performance gains will be a blessing for Flightsimulators.
  11. Hopefully with a similar FPS boost. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=nvidia-vlk-madmax&num=1 Curious about a DX vs Vulkan comparison.
  12. I don't understand. How should this be different to for ex. Eclipse or Qtcreator etc. on Linux?
  13. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=UE4-SteamVR-Vulkan-GNUX Is Unity already that advanced? What I like in Unreal is to combine blueprints with c++.
  14. No problems at all with SDL/C++/OpenGL. I develop on Ubuntu but users use all Linux flavours. If you value 466 points go with Vulkan.
  15. HI I can ftp connect in terminal but with curl/Ubuntu/c++ I get: CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT error in this line: curl_easy_setopt(curl2, CURLOPT_URL,"ftp://u9-3tja:365@example.com/"); I've tried all kind of stuff. Many thanks for help.