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  1. Gorf_Rules

    Contract work

    for a showcase I have some work but nothing special so far, is there something I should aim for examples, like things that people are interested in, or is it more or a do whatever you feel like, make it look good, do a good job and post it up there type thing.
  2. Gorf_Rules

    Contract work

    recently i've ran into somewhat of a rut in life and well had to quit my job and move away due to woman issues, anyways while I look for another position I was looking into doing some online contract work for some cash while I wait for a position to open in my area. Basically i'm wondering if people can offer some insight into how hard this would be or if it would be worth my effort etc, I recently graduated so my experience level of actual industry programming is under a year tho i've done some plugins, backends for sites, custom forum mods and a variety of programs in my spare time, not to mention the programs I did in school. I'm basically looking at C++/VB/ASP/PHP/C# as possibilites for coding applications and am basically looking for advice. Currently i'm working for my mothers friend but its not field related and I would prefer to do something where I can get some more experience. Thanks, Geoff
  3. Gorf_Rules

    Web based multi user programs

    depends what your doing it in, php,asp,jsp, etc i'm assuming your using a mysql backend. Really its just alot of database calls but every page is the same for every user so their session variables that you store off are all your game objects....
  4. Gorf_Rules

    Connecting too fast?

    that was me =P oops
  5. Gorf_Rules

    Connecting too fast?

    give me the specs on the server and i'll find out what I can =P os/machine/language/etc anything you can throw out =P
  6. Gorf_Rules

    Connecting too fast?

    well basically yes, as you fill ports up at a rapid rate you run out of ports =P So your connection is limited by how many connections / second / active connections you have. Basically what you need to realise is for 1000's of connections / second you would have multiple servers and balance the load of those servers.
  7. Gorf_Rules

    Connecting too fast?

    maybe explain why you are trying to make 1000 connections a second?
  8. Gorf_Rules

    Movement validation on server side

    1. What data regarding player positioning/movement is sent from client to the server. Solution: Player positon Position player is facing movement type (forward,back,left,right,strafeleft,straferight) 2. What methods does the server use to verify the movement, like I said keeping in mind packet loss, where the position between the currently received packet and the one received before may seem invalid (large difference in player position), but when considering the packets lost in-between, it may infact be valid. Similarly if the state of the movement keys are sent in every update, the missing ones due to packet loss can mean that a direct server side simulation of the player physics is not possible. Solution: simply the player does not move until you say he moved. But you will always verify if player is at x,y and moving to a,b at speed c is it possible? is there a wall in the way? can he move here? basically check for collisions in the path and that the distance <= speed than return to the client that its valid by giving all clients the updated position of that user (clients in view range)
  9. Gorf_Rules

    WinSock, connect, and WSAENOTSOCK

    Socket operation on nonsocket. An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. Either the socket handle parameter did not reference a valid socket, or for select, a member of an fd_set was not valid. error is with server code i'm guessing as it cant find the socket.
  10. Gorf_Rules

    Sending Files With Winsock

    yes, when I get home tonight I can post a snipped should be about an hour or so. aswell what language are you using =P
  11. raknet includes an examplegame, I believe demonhunter or something along those lines read the readme on the first page
  12. Gorf_Rules

    Sending Files With Winsock

    here is your answer http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=sending+files+winsock&meta= easiest, quickest solution to most problems
  13. Gorf_Rules

    Afew Questions - Chunky Vs Chatty

    aye anon that was my plan, to go pure binary and based off earlier sets of numbers it will dictate where the numbers belong etc cool thanks =P
  14. Gorf_Rules

    Afew Questions - Chunky Vs Chatty

    I guess my main concern is making something that is scalable and not having to rewrite it 4 months from now if/when the project changes. Aye obviously the data in the packets is important, basically Its better to put as much data into a packet as possible. So anything I can compress into smaller data then it really is, is what I want to try to plan my code around... So basically if I find x amount of messages fit fine try to send that x amount every y times per second. So really I want messages to be as thin as possible correct? like instead of "playerismoving" use "1" or something along those lines, basically making it as small but informative as possible.
  15. Okay I've started to use Raknet to undergo a networking project. I will be doing some of the coding for a fps style game (ala gta). Basically i'm wondering about sending data and what is the most flexible, light and simpilest way to do so. I looked at the FAQ and from what I found the tribes protocol is basically what i'm looking at, obviously there is data that needs to be sent, some data that could be sent, etc... Basically i'm wondering what should be sent in a packet... if that makes sense, like I'm assuming I should make some form of protocol like first 5 digits is message typ then next 4 is the second id for that type etc and send the data afterwards. Send messages constantly. Someone prior to me mentioned sending chuncks of data via sockets and recieving them on the other side. So I guess its basically a chunky vs chatty interface discussion. Which is the more flexible approach? the one which would scale more easily for larger number of players? Aswell if I asked something stupid or if you need clarity please feel free to ask/point it out =P
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