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  1. AdrianKokula

    Amazon Lumberyard for indie multiplayer game

    So I already have an answer. Matchmaking is only connecting people together, with lumberyard I Amazon's game servers or own servers for multiplayer gam
  2. Hello guys, #1 Sorry for my English.... #2 I have a "little" problem with licence terms. I'm student with I think good idea of multiplayer shooter game. Something small, but funny and interesting. In Lumberyard terms is something like that: "If you are developing multiplayer game without your own servers you have to use Amazon's". Maybe if I'm selling game on Steam I can use their servers. It's like I have "own" servers for my game or is there any way to jump this term, or just develop this game in another game engine? For instance Cryngine 5, UE4..... Lumberyard terms: 57.4 Operating Restrictions. Without our prior written consent, (a) the Lumberyard Materials (including any permitted modifications and derivatives) may only be run on computer equipment owned and operated by you or your End Users, or on AWS Services, and may not be run on any Alternate Web Service and (b) your Lumberyard Project may not read data from or write data to any Alternate Web Service. Lumberyard FAQ: Q. Can my Lumberyard game connect to services like Steamworks, Xbox Live, PSN, Apple Game Center, Google Play Games, or console social services?Yes. Your game may read and write data to platform services and public third-party game services for player save state, identity, social graph, matchmaking, chat, notifications, achievements, leaderboards, advertising, player acquisition, in-game purchasing, analytics, and crash reporting. I'm not sure but matchmaking is actually multiplayer. Thanks for all replies.
  3. AdrianKokula

    Game environment

    Yes thats right. I already have a simple story(scraps of story), but in every environment will a little differences. These photos inspired me, all of them.
  4. AdrianKokula

    Game environment

    Hi, I want to try create game environment for my game but I don't know to decide which photo is best to inspiration. Which environment is the best. Can you help me with deciding? Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmmX7oK9Rg3VS-qC6eNY8XfICSCsKJc1U43TC6sOMvOi1Eqg/viewform   There is just one question. Thanks!
  5. AdrianKokula

    Where to start with first 3D game

    Lumberyard is all for free but if you need 3rd party servers for online play, you have to use Amazon’s   I am thinking that I use Lumberyard for my game and also I will start learning OGL
  6. AdrianKokula

    Where to start with first 3D game

    Yes this is very helpful, thanks   I will try learn OGL.   I tried these game engines:   UE 4, Unity 5, CryEngine V and Lumberyard   Can you recommend me any free game engine? I want to try source 2 engine, I heart that is for free.
  7. AdrianKokula

    Where to start with first 3D game

    So much thanks for answers :) i will look at it   Btw OGL or Vulkan?
  8. Hi,   I want to create simple 3D game but I am new in this ambit. I am just learning C++. I know basics about OOP. For modeling I am using blender. Which game engine do you recomended? And any tutorial for game programing in C++?   Thanks for answers and sorry for mistakes. My english is weak.
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