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  1. aaronbabbel

    Sharing ideas

    I've seen stupid ideas be amazing and I've seen amazing ideas be stupid. Do you need or have a team? Will you get the project done? Can you get it done? Do you need money? If you have the team and the funds then start the project. Make a you tube of it when its nearly done.
  2. I forget what s.o.s. means. But its a sign for help. You are to place rocks on the ground saying s.o.s. yo ask for help from a plane or helicopter. What does "sos" mean? None of the quoted text makes sense without a definitionof "sos."
  3. I'm an artist. I'm guessing its a 3d game? Idk what rocket league is. Shoot an email Aaron.babbel85@gmail.com
  4. aaronbabbel

    Small mmo war game

    I want to have fun and learn how to build a simple small mmo war game. Using no animations. No 3d art. Just 2d. Game is like "game of war" but much more simple. The only structures to be used. Castle, barracks, hospital, farm, wall and academy. I want to make the images, I'm an artist so I can do this. Have a programmer code in the build time and associated traits for each building. Have a small world map, click and march and attack. That's about it. I want to try this for fun and keep it simple. If you are interested. Hit me up. Email is Aaron.babbel85@gmail.com
  5. aaronbabbel

    Sharing ideas

    There is no original idea and good ideas will never stop. Shareing what you have with others does many good things like; feedback, confidence and possibly connections with experienced developers/publishers. If you don't share your ideas, its basicly the same thing as not doing anything. Make you you tube video of your project. Its just as good as a copy write. Gives a date and provided proof of ownership. And people can look at it. Take your time to get to know people. Build a relationship. Game development is not an easy task.
  6. aaronbabbel

    How be on top in Google Play

    Its best to Google your question. They tell you a lot of useful information. To sum it up, title, key words, $ spent, ads watched, user ratings, replies to user comments, daily log ins, amount of downloads, uninstalls, how much $ you pay to Google to put your game on top all effect this.
  7. I played your game. Its very good. It can be a big hit. Just keep posting on fb, twitter, you tube and try to spred out the popularity. Some suggestions. After you lose, give option to retry game instead of having to reselect level and car? Or don't give the option like "geometry dash". The game just starts playing after you lose. This does something cool, if player is distracted, can cause ads to pop up and you get paid. A tutorial can help. I was confused about the flying bats. And I later realized you need to pick up gasoline or you run out. Sos driver for the game name. Driver is a good cool word. I don't agree with sos. I think u should have done something like this to get the players emotionally attached. Pregnancy driver. Your spouce is pregnant. U need to get to the hospital. Don't crash. Sos could work but I dont think it could give the most optimized search. Women all the time type in pregnancy. Who uses sos? Sos would put you near the top of the search though. Good graphics. Plays great. One more thing. Add a rate the game pop up after first loss. I almost forgot to rate your game. I gave u 5* but u won't see aatons name cause I used a different name.
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