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  1. Hello, I'm a Composer/Sound Designer. My main influences are Banjo Kazooie and I'm a big fan of Grant Kirkhope and David Wise, I'd site them as my main influences along with Koji Kondo and Noburu Uematsu (Zelda, Mario and Finaly Fantasy). So I think my style and taste could fit with your idea :) My gmail is coreytsound@gmail.com, I'd love to swap some details/portfolio and talk about ideas so get in touch if you like :) Best Regards, Corey.
  2. CoreyTSound

    [LFM]Unity 2D Defense RPG

    Hey there, your project sounds pretty nice, I've always been a fan of like endless wave defense games.    I'm a sound designer/composer and I'm looking to expand my portfolio!   My Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/corey-taylor-525458760   email me if you're interested :)   coreytsound@gmail.com
  3. CoreyTSound

    New Member Saying Hi/Feedback on Orchestral Stuff

    You can find the composer quest on this site: http://www.videogamemusicacademy.com/   I think you have to sign up to the newsletter but it's well worth it, everything they send you is related to game audio.
  4. CoreyTSound

    A software for composing/prototyping music

    It does sound interesting, I think you need to get a good prototype of that layering system, it sounds cool but yeah I don't think words alone will do it justice. I'd love to try a prototype of that when it's up and running.
  5. CoreyTSound

    [revshare] Seeking Someone(s) Creative All Depts

    Hey I would be interested in doing sound and music if you needed, I also have a degree in Game Design if you'd like someone to bounce ideas off of.   Here's my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/corey-taylor-525458760   and my email: coreytsound@gmail.com   Feel free to get in touch!
  6. CoreyTSound

    Looking for team to make Mobile game

    Would love to do music and sound for you if you get up to that stage! Let me know how it goes.    My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/corey-taylor-525458760
  7. CoreyTSound

    New Member Saying Hi/Feedback on Orchestral Stuff

    Hey Tyler, your stuff sounds awesome! I've got some very minor feedback.   A thought that stuck in my head but disappeared as I listened to all of your tracks was that your panning could be wider? I think it's just your first track the Epic sample, it sounds a little mono to me.    For plugins if you haven't heard of Valhalla room you should go and check it out here: https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-room/ It's fairly reasonably priced for how cool it is and I know a lot of people use it as there go-to reverb plugin. Could be something you'd be interested in with the style you compose in.    Other than that I'm fully jealous of your skills! Keep up the good work!   Edit: Also I would highly recommend the Composer Quest challenge from Video Game Music Academy, it gets you to compose pieces within a set brief, some are video game related such as writing for an up-beat snow level, while some are just interesting composition exercises like only using 3 unique pitches within an octave as your melody line. Super fun!
  8. CoreyTSound

    Feedback for Composer Quest 3

    Thanks for your input, I'm not a very avid listener of the genre so you're knowledge is quiet welcome. I knew there were some subtle things that were a little off like the lengths and impact of the sections, the drum patterns and that B section with the start-stop guitar. Also I've changed the song to a minor key and it's made a marvelous difference.   Thanks again, you've given me lots to think about! 
  9. CoreyTSound

    Feedback for Composer Quest 3

    Hey guys just wondering if I could get some feedback on a track I've been working on, it's part of the Composer Quest challenge created by Dan Hulsman of the Video Game Music Academy.    The challenge was to create a heavy metal boss theme, which I think if anything the only thing I got close to was the "feel" of the track. I'm interested in most aspects of production so I'm keen on any feedback I can get. I'm almost finished studying my Bachelor in music theory and audio engineering so feel free to use big words if you want.   Some things I'm kinda aware of, I've turned the bass down way past the point where I can hear it, unfortunately I have no speakers at the moment and my headphones are poor quality so I can't get an accurate picture of the low end. Send help.   Instrument lines:   Bass Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Choir Drumset Damage Loop   Bpm: 150 Time signature 4/4 Key: G major(and a smidgen of E minor)   Link to track on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/corey-taylor-525458760/task-3-heavy-metal-boss-theme    Thanks in advance!   Edit: P.S I'm new so hello, long time lurker, first time sign-up and poster. Also if I did anything wrong please let me know I don't wanna break any rules unnecessarily.
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