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  1. Our Indie project team for our game [Between These Walls] is looking for members! Gameplay: The game is set somewhere in Western Europe in the late 20th Century, so expect to see similar weaponry, architecture and environments. Our game is an intensive survival game where the player spawns as a prisoner cast into the fray. You will strive to survive in the dystopian environment by crafting items and killing other players and creatures, whilst also forging alliances. How will you face your sentence? Info: So far, we are hard at work creating the in-game environments, music & sound. At this moment we are looking for talented and driven individuals who can: Create Models for human and enemy characters, food, consumables and other in-game items. Create a shooting system, as seen in all first-person shooters. Create GUI's - for the various screens in-game (Main Menu, Inventory screen, etc.). And most importantly we need a programmer(s). We need dedicated people who can oversee the implementation of code into the game. People with experience in Unity. At this stage, all work dedicated to the project is solely voluntary. However, all members of the team (no matter how small the contribution) will receive credit for their work and when the game is launched, If you are interrested PM me or send an email to k_entomology@live.nl www.betweenthesewallsgame.wordpress.com Thanks guys! and good luck
  2. Hey guys, As for now i am no longer looking for a story writer, the job is done! I am sorry if the task information was not clear or informative enough, luckily you guys gave me some usable feedback for the future thank you!
  3. Hi guys. We are looking for an experienced writer to create a detailed and compelling backstory for our game (it's in a very early stage). I won't disclose many details here, but it is a survival game set in western Europe. We have lots of ideas already, so you would need to work closely with us on Discord so that we can mould our vision! Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  4. Hey everyone, My name is Kelvin Cooke and i am currently working on a 3d survival game (Not the overdone zombie type). The setting of the game is modern days in western europe (Think of influences from The Netherlands, Belgium, France etc etc). At the moment we work in a group of 3 but if we really want to make bigger and faster steps it would be nice to have some additional hands. Who are we looking for? We are looking for people who know their way around with blender/sketchup, have some experience with Unity 3D and know some of the basics in C#. If you think you are able to help from time to time, please leave a comment or send me an PM. Even if you are just around to throw some extra ideas at us ;) Remember that this project is unpaid for now, but can turn into profit in the future...... No promises just a reminder. The game is still in very early development and we shall start a blog on it soon for those who are interested! Some ingame Screens so you know what style we are working on atm:
  5. Kelvin Cooke

    Soda cans, to much of the real deal or not?

    Oke, thanks for the heads up! If you really want to i can look up for some older saves, since i am already changing them to a lesser state of risk ;)
  6. Kelvin Cooke

    Soda cans, to much of the real deal or not?

    i was thinking the same thing, mixing up colours and layout.... with another name aswell. Nice avatar btw, reminds me of a song ;)
  7. Kelvin Cooke

    Soda cans, to much of the real deal or not?

    Although you guys have a different opinion it actually sums them up, Best case scenario is that i just change them and worst case scenario is me getting a lawsuit. I'll just go for the best case scenario :) 100% with you here! I guess i went for Immortality here...............or a big lawsuit ;)
  8. Kelvin Cooke

    Soda cans, to much of the real deal or not?

    Since i am new to all this i just wanted an experienced opinion, which i got.
  9. Kelvin Cooke

    Soda cans, to much of the real deal or not?

    Oke, many thanks for the honest and quick answer! I think you have a point there, it is the trademark that counts mostly. I think it would be less tricky if i use plain colours without the trademark logos and/or the designs, and only use the names in a bended way like the two designs on the left.
  10. Kelvin Cooke

    New to the forums and just wanted to say hello!

    Thank you! More screens to come in near future....... I use Blender from time to time, but i have not gotten used to it yet. I think some more time and practise will do the trick :P
  11. I just finished creating some soda and beer cans for my game, what do you guys think? Can i use these or can i get in trouble because of them?
  12. Hi there guys,   I just recently started experimenting a little with Unity 3D, while playing around a little and teach myself about programming and modelling i am also working on a Survival Game. And with 'Working on' i bassicly mean creating the static open world.   For my 3d modelling i mostly use Sketchup, which is nice but has its limits...... Some ingame-screenshots of the current game i am working on.         These models are still in early development and need a lot of adjustment.   I just came across these forums and signed up, i hope to learn from others and meet like minded..... maybe even to see if there are people around to work together with.   K.C
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